Message from Chairman of the Board

First of all I would like to express deep gratitude to the clients, partners and friends have trust and cooperation with the Corporation Bach Dang Construction during the past half century and the honor to introduce the General Public Bach Dang Construction company to you.

Corporation Bach Dang Construction under the Ministry of Construction (called Bach), formerly known as “Construction Company No. 16”, was established in May 08 1958, with a staff of over 6000 employees including the experts, engineers skilled, experienced, professional workers, skilled construction experience a lot of large construction projects in Vietnam and abroad.

Force equipment, motorcycles, construction technical means diversity in types, modern features. Advanced construction technology to meet the requirements of construction and installation works of all kinds large scale, nature and highly technical requirements.

Bach always put the quality, schedule and safety in construction is a top priority, so often earned high trust of customers. A lot of buildings constructed by the Corporation was awarded the “Gold Medal High Quality – Building Construction Products Vietnam”.

Corporation Bach Dang Construction desire to cooperate with all of you and for the development and common prosperity!

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