Message from Chairman of the Board

Passing over 60 years of construction and development, Bach Dang Construction Corporation has written on the heroic and glorious tradition of builders, contributing wisdom and effort to build a Corporation to be sustainable development as today. This is not only a pride but also an invaluable act for generations of staff and employees who are steadfast in production and business, continue to build BDCC trademark which associated with quality in thousands of projects, works, creating sustainable values for the future.

The successes have been achieved as a result of the constant efforts of the leaders, officials and employees. Continuing to inherit and maintain the achieved good values, to satisfy the customers’ highest requirements is the first task of the Corporation’s cadres and employees. In the current period, with the goal of stable and sustainable development, the Corporation will constantly strive, create new breakthroughs in governance, products to express knowledge and intelligence in accordance with the era trends.

In the new opportunity of the technological era, comprehensive integration for the whole society; Bach Dang Construction Corporation is always proud of being the first choice of big partners, customers, corporations, organizations, agencies and businesses, and a reliable companion of all partners and customers. With the motto of “TRADITIONATION PROMOTION – CAPACITY IMPROVEMENT – MULTIPLE INVESTMENT – HIGH LEVEL CREATION”, we commit that we shall bring the best quality products and services and success also to all partners and customers./.

Vu Quang Bao

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