Annual General Meeting 2016 – BIMEXCO

Mr. Le Trung Kien – BDCC’s General Director speaking to steer the Meeting

At the Meeting, the important reports were submitted, discussed and voted with the high rate of consistency, such as the Report of results in implementing BOM’s Resolution in 2015 and Plan for 2016, the auditted Financial Report in 2015, the Report of Board of Controllers in 2015, the Report of Profit Split Method in 2015, the work of choosing the audit company in 2016, the work of amending some rules in Regulations for the Company, and Meeting Resolution.

Getting the interest of BDCC and working with high sense of responsibility, Bimexco’s BOM executed the Company to totally completed all plans proposed. As reported, the gross value of business production in 2015 was VND474.363 billion, achieving 104% against plan. With dividend rate of 10%, shareholders’ rights were guaranteed; laborers’ living and working condition were improved.

The Presidium of the Meeting

In 2015, Bimexco focused on seeking and exploiting to widen the market, taking action in tender, signing economical contracts of VND839.726 billion; among them were some big ones, named Construction Bid Package 8 – Investment Project of Buidling Viet Tiep Hospital 2 with the value of VND240.741 billion; Bid Package C – Gia Minh Solid waste treatment zone, Thuy Nguyen, Hai Phong with the value of VND198.324 billion; dredging mud for Ha Tu Coal Company Jsc.-Vinacomin with the value of VND68.5 billion; Bid Package CT-PW-2.9: Fight against the local flood in Ninh Kieu – MDR-UUp  with the value of VND81.833 billion;…

In 2016, BOM set the al: striving to increase the business indicator from 1% – 3%/year, taking construction as the main activity to achieve the al, also focusing on labor export, keeping stable for the capital to ensure the benefits of state, company and shareholders; enhancing the executive management of business production to ensure its effectiveness. The dividend rate was expected to be 10%.

On steering the Meeting, Mr. Le Trung Kien – BDCC’s General Director claimed that Bimexco was the leading enterprise in BDCC. He asked Bimexco to develop its business production in 2016 as well as pay attention to its personnel training and appropriate manpower arrangement. The company needed to definitely settle all backlogs in construction final settlement. Besides, the Company should join hands with Hai Phong Authority to build new rural area. He committed that BDCC would continue supporting Bimexco to complete all tasks and achieve the best business production results. 

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