Bach Dang Construction Corporation: Firmly steps to overcome difficulties.

Start construction on the drainage system in Hai Phong by member Companies of the Corporation

Testament to the efforts of the collective staff of the Corporation is the production and business result in 2011 reaching 4,316 billion VND, up 13% compared to 2010 (including construction value reached 3,481 billion, the value of industrial production & construction materials reached 432 billion, budget delivery reached 110 billion). To achieve the growth targets, early in 2011, the Corporation and the member Companies were actively looking for work, participating in bid, contract signing with great value. Typically as: value of the newly signed contracts in 2011 reached about 4 trillion to ensure task performance of 2011 and the transition to 2012. A number of contracts with large value such as: additional signing of Vung Ang Thermal Power Project about 450 billion; the drainage projects in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Nha Trang to the value reached 900 billion.

The executive management of projects in the key projects by the Corporation as the main contractor and projects signed by member companies with large scale, complex, schedules are urgently required have been strongly promoted from the Project Management Board of the Corporation and those of the member companies to ensure the progress, quality, safety and bring effectiveness, improve commercial brand of the Corporation.

Thank to the drastic direction of the Project Management Board and other Companies involved in construction on the construction site of Vung Ang Thermal Power Plant such as Bach Dang 201 Construction Joint Stock Company, Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company… have executed to satisfy schedule, ensuring the requirements of investors. To date, the main items of the project has completed, the real volume value reached 950/1.300 billion, it is expected to be completed the remaining work items by the end of the first quarter in 2012. For condominium projects CT4 – Thach Ban urban area, with the determination of leaders to direct the Corporation to find out reasonable solution to overcome delayed schedule, and it is expected to be completed and handed over to Employer in the middle of January in 2012. For large newly signed projects at the end of 2011 such as the drainage project in Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hai Phong, Hanoi, which have established the project management board, sub-contract have been signed for execution required by the Employer

In addition, the new product development is pre-stressed concrete piles having provided the market since the end of the first quarter in 2011 with od quality, be accepted by the market, the end of 2011, exported volume products reached over 80 thousand meters long. The pre-cast concrete products, prefabricated steel frame, baked material is the traditional product of member companies still maintaining production and consumption of products which brings economic effectiveness for the Companies.

Implementing the strategy, production and business plan and oriented investment of Housing and Urban Development Group, investment and development in which priority investment sector housing and urban development  has been focused on by the Corporation, Initially, it has products involved in the property market. The value of investment in 2011 reached 285 billion VND.

It can be said to having achieved business results is through the power of unity and under the clear and consistent direction of the Corporation’s Party and that of the member Companies, the leaders of mass organizations, implementing the principle of democratic centralism in the leadership, direction, management and administration as a solid foundation to successfully implement all the tasks of the Corporation. Board of Directors has improved flexibility, autonomy, creativity, self-responsibility on the basis of harmonious combination of benefits, rights and clearly responsibilities bringing economic effective and not cause  losses damage, affecting the collective interests to enhance brand and reputation of the Corporation as well as productivity effectiveness for Corporation’s growth. Timely response, sensitivity, have the right policies in the field of production and business, set out the appropriate policy decisions  to the situation, the transformation of the country’s economy for maintaining businesses’ stability.

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