Bach Dang Construction Corporation had a meeting with theformer leaders of the Corporation and leader representatives fromthe subsidiaries over time on the occasion of Lunar Hare Spring2015

In the afternoon 06/02/2015, Bach Dang Construction Corporation held a meeting with the formerleaders of the Corporation and leader representatives from the subsidiaries over time on the occasion ofLunar Hare Spring 2015. The representatives of the Corporation were Mr. Nguyen Huy Hoan – PartySecretary, Mr. Le Trung Kien – General Director, To Van Hue – Trade Union Chairman; members of theStanding Committee of the Party, members of the Management Board, Deputy Directors, Secretary ofthe Youth Union, the heads of the departments of the Corporation

View of the meeting

In the warm atmosphere, Mr. Le Trung Kien – General Director is on behalf of the Corporation’s Leadersregarded and wished good health to the retired personnel and their families; wished them always happy,healthy, continue to contribute confiential to the family and society. He was pleased to announce theresults of successful implementation of the business tasks in 2014, the strategic orientation to developthe Corporation in the future to the retired officers.

Mr. Le Trung Kien – General Director speaking at the meeting

The retired officers were glad with the innovation, the growth of the Corporation, and also expressed theiremotion, care and expected the development of the Corporation.

Mr. Nguyen Van Tu – Former Chairman of Management Board speaking at the meeting

This  is  an  annual  activity  of  the  Corporation,  the  meeting  is  not  only  the  feelings  of  officers  andemployees  who  are  working  for  the  former  generations,  but  also  educational  meaning  for  youngergeneration for the tradition of the Corporation.

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