Bach Dang Construction Corporation organized the Training on Measures of Fire Safety and Fire Prevention Propaganda.

On September 13th 2013, Bach Dang Construction Corporation cooperated with the Police Department of Fire Prevention and Fire Rescue, Firefighting & Prevention magazine under Police Ministry organized the training on measures of fire safety and fire prevention propaganda on the theme “Fire Safety at home and in the workplace.” This is an annual activity to raise awareness of fire prevention and fire rescue for employees of the Corporation.
Attending the training and propaganda were leaders and employees of the Corporation’s head office; Leaders and dependent companies ’employees of the Corporation.

The participants of the training and  fire prevention propagation

Through the training and propaganda, members were equipped with knowledge of fire safety: Causes of fire or explosion, measures on safety prevention and fire safety equipment, fire rescue when fire incidents occur: Fire detection, alarm, participating in fire- fighting with fire tools & equipment and survival skills to contribute to the business and production tasks of the Corporation.

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