Bach Dang Construction Corporation reinstated road surface, restored sidewalk for line 1, 4, 5 Package A1 under Haiphong Sewerage & Drainage and Solid Waste Management Project, Stage 1

With effort, determination of the Project Management Board and the construction units, up to 12/02/2015 Bach Dang Construction Corporation has completed 100% middle particles asphalt concrete layer, repaired, offset the damaged parts and installed pavement curb, cleaned the entire line 1, 4.5 at Nguyen Cong Hoa and Hoang Minh Thao, Thien Loi, Dong Thien, Khuc Thua Du roads to meet the requirements of the project progress to ensure quality and safety.

Performance at site Package A1

Lines completed to ensure environmental sanitation, social security on the occasion of Tet 2015

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