Bach Dang Construction Corporation support the People in Central Provinces affected by Storms No.10 and No.11

Responding to the call of Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee, Haiphong Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee about supporting the people in Central Provinces damaged by Storms No.10 and 11 and implementing “month for the poor” from 17th October 2013 to 18 November 2013.

With the traditions of solidarity, mutual help” good leaves protect the worn-out leaves “, and spirit of “sharing food sharing clothes,” expressing the sense of responsibility and feelings with the people in Central Provinces  in order to relieve difficulties, losses and soon have a stable life.

For timely visit, share, encourage and support people in the flooded zone, the Chairman of Members Council signed the letter No. 477/BDCC-TCLĐ dated 07th October 2013 about calling upon all leaders and employees of the Corporation and member Companies to support the people in Central provinces affected by the storms.

Hundreds of leaders and employees in the whole Corporation have enthusiastically responded to the call and 100% of those contributed 01 day’s salary with a total amount of 42.900.000 VND, and it was transferred to Haiphong Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee by the Trade Union Executive Committee of the Corporation’s head office on the 15th October 2013 for timely delivery to flooded victims in Central provinces.

This is a traditional activity of the Corporation’s leaders and employees showing the spirit of mutual help, charity, contributions to help people in trouble. With emergency relief operations, Bach Dang Construction Corporation hopes to mitigate physical damage and emotional pain for flood victims and help local people quickly overcome the losses and stabilize life after the disaster.

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