BDCC and Vietcombank Hai Phong signed the comprehensive cooperation agreement

On 17/5/2016 afternoon, in Hai Phong, BDCC and Vietcombank Hai Phong celebrated the Signing Ceremony of Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement and Credit Limit Contract in 2016 and Long-term Credit Contract.

Delegates at the Ceremony

Signing Ceremony of Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement between BDCC and Vietcombank Hai Phong

The comprehensive cooperation agreement was signed in order to bring the relationship of BDCC and Vietcombank Hai Phong up to a new level, opening chances of firmity and comprehension to exploit the best potential of two sides and bring them new good common benefits.

This cooperation agreement set an important milestone in two sides’ long-term relationship. It also created premise for them to exploit each side’s strength to strengthen the development of business cooperation. On basis of agreed terms, two sides would cooperate comprehensively in supply and use banking services, such as deposit account management, credit issuance, business finance, payment, and foreign exchange services, etc.
To concretize this relationship, on this occasion, BDCC and Vietcombank Hai Phong signed a credit contract limit in 2016 with the value of VND 600 billion and long-term credit contract of VND 115 billion.

Mr. Dao Viet Dung – BDCC’s Chairman and Mr. Le Ngoc Thai – Vietcombank Hai Phong’s Director exchanging souvenirs

This signing of comprehensive cooperation agreement and credit contract between BDCC and Vietcombank Hai Phong made an important step, a milestone to confirm a strong cooperation between two sides, showing their determination and non-stop efforts to ensure a stable development of two sides, made themselves suitable to the trend of integration and common development among Vietnamese businesses.

BDCC belonged to MOC, formerly known as “Construction Company 16”, was established in August 1958, with the staff of more than 6,000 employees including various qualified and experienced engineers and experts, professional and skilful workers who earned much experience in executing numerous huge construction works in Viet Nam and abroad. BDCC was equipped with execution equipment, machines, technical means of diversity in types, modernity in functions, meeting the demands of construction works in huge size and high technical requirements.

Mr. Le Trung Kien – Commissioner, BDCC’s General Director and Party Secretary speaking at the Ceremony

Vietcombank Hai Phong, formerly known as Hai Phong foreign exchange management, was established in 1963 and formally became Vietcombank Hai Phong on 01/01/1977.

Mr. Le Ngoc Thai – Director of Vietcombank Hai Phong speaking at the Ceremony

Presentlty, Vietcombank Hai Phong owns the total of VND 9,913 billion, working capital balances of VND 9,567 billion, outstanding credit of VND 3,885 billion. With the network of 08 transaction quarters around the city. Vietconbank Hai Phong’s strengths were gained from multi-utility banking products and services based on modern technology infrastructure, especially the ones related to international payments.

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