BDCC – Annual General Meeting 2016

On 10/5/2016 morning, BDCC succeeded in holding the Annual General Meeting 2016 which was attended by nearly 200 shareholders. Mr. Bui Pham Khanh – Member of Party Committee, Deputy Minister of MOC came to attend and steer the Meeting.

Mr. Bui Pham Khanh – Deputy Minister of MOC steering the Meeting

At the Meeting, the important contents were submitted, discussed and voted, such as the Report of Business Production results in 2015 and plan for 2016 from Board of General Directors, the Report of results in BOM’s activities in 2015 and Plan for 2016, the auditted Financial Report in the period of 01/01/2015 – 31/12/2015, the Report of Board of Controllers in 2015, the Report of Profit Split Method in 2015, the work of choosing the audit company in 2016, and the Meeting Resolution.

Mr. Dao Viet Dung – BDCC’s Chairman ratifying Report of results in BOM’ activities in 2015 and Plan for 2016

Mr. Le Trung Kien – Member of BOM, General Director ratifying the Report of Business Production results in 2015 and Plan for 2016

In 2015, BDCC’s gross business production value reached almost VND 5,500 billion, winning 116% of the annual plan, the dividend rate was 3%, the growth rate was higher than 2014 with the average growth rate of 14%, the average income was VND 7.5 million/person/month. BDCC pushed up its traditional business industry which was construction, and won many national major projects among which were important bid packages in Hai Phong, such as Investment Project of Building Gia Minh Solid Waste Treatment Complex, Hai Phong Project of Sewage Disposal, Investment Project of Building Viet Tiep Hospital 2, Project of Building Dinh Vu overpass intersection. They all ensured the progress, quality, labor safety, and Clients’ requests. BDCC’s industrial production activities hit a breakthrough with a strong growth. The fields of consultancy, surveys and experiments developed stably, confirming its position and competitive capacity in the market. BDCC’s investment value in 2015 hit VND 109.6 billion, mainly focusing on investment projects of households, urbans, and equipments to raise the construction capacity.

The Presidium executing the Meeting

Also, BDCC especially paid its interest in labors and officers’ life, ensuring their jobs, bonus, subvention and other State policies. The Corporation promoted charity activities and contributed to City’s social security policies with the total of more than VND 1.1 billion; in charge of taking care of 2 Vietnamese Hero Mothers and building 7 charity houses for the people who contributed to the Revolution.

In Annual General Meeting 2016, BDCC’s BOM set out its targets and solution for 2016. The solutions to promote administrative quality in order to maintain a stable development, raise business production effects up, widen its activities over the country,  finish major projects, and continue confirming its reputation as a strong trademark in construction industry were focused.

Shareholders voting to pass the Meeting Resolution

Speaking at the Meeting, Deputy Minister of MOC – Mr. Bui Pham Khanh recognized all BDCC’s achievements after one year working as a corporation. He also requested BDCC to have a better plan for a stable development in the future. In 2015, BDCC’s business production activities could be claimed to actually keep up with model of a joint stock company, with high effectiveness. The Corporation completed all business targets set by BOM, showing the leading solidarity of BOM and Board of General Directors. He hoped BDCC would continue to promote its ability of business and investment management, its transparency in finance management, its capacity in payback and construction final accounts, and its development going with Hai Phong city’s Resolutions.  Moreover, he asked BDCC to set a business development plan toward a stable development of strong growth in construction as well as in real estate investment…

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