BDCC excellently completed the tasks of movement of “All people protect national security” 2015

Mr. Le Khac Nam – Member of Municipal Standing Committee – Permanent Vice Chairman of Hai Phong People’s Committee presenting the Merit to units  who had great achievements in the movement of “All people protect national security 2015”

Working in construction industry with member companies, construction works and projects of all over the country, BDCC’s leaders are always aware of contributing to the movement of “All people protect national security” to ensure the internal stability, discipline, labor discipline, labor safety, property security, democracy, avoid the problems arising from business production, contributing to local political and social securityprotection.

BDCC always focuses on party committees, continuously popularizing thoroughly Party’s and State law’s Instructions and Resolutions of national security protection in latest news to all personnel as directed in Instruction 09-CT/TW, dated on 1st December 2011 of Central Party Secretariat, Instruction No11-CT/TW, dated on 9th December 2012 of Hai Phong Standing Committee of “Enhancing the Party’s leadership to mass movement of national security protection in new days”, Circular No23/2012/TT-BCA, dated on 27th April 2012 of Ministry of Public Security of the standard civil habitat, commune, ward, town, agency, business, school for “Safety Security” and other vernment’s regulations.

Besides, BDCC also popularized the law of militia, the legal documents concerning the prevention and fight against corruption, the practices of thrift, actions against wastefulness, actions of fire prevention and distinguishing, actions of protecting the corporation in order to comprehensively implement all contents of national security protection,

Determining that the militia and guards is the cadre in political security protection, BDCC set up a militia and guard regiment of 7 platoons with 116 men and a specialized guard force of 120 men. BDCC gave them the directions of regulations, procedures of work as corporation protection work, fire prevention, militia training and annual training.

BDCC often directed them to deploy the work of security protection; solved the problems in time with the propaganda and population of security protection law, actions against crimes, actions against drugs, actions against social evils, fire prevention; prevented the serious violations of social security and traffic safety.

BDCC incorporated with the functional departments of Hai Phong Public Security, authorities and local public security to build the movement of all people involving in national security protection, the model of self-managing and linking security protection.

From the close guidance of BDCC Board of Leaders, the movement in BDCC gained lot of achievements. Thus, BDCC ensured its security and internal solidarity, contributing much to complete its business production plans.

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