BDCC General Director Le Trung Kien was honored at Ceremony to honor typical businessmen of Northern Coast Area in 2015

On 7th October morning, at Hai Phong Convention Center, Hai Phong VCCI celebrated Vietnamese Business Day of 13th Oct and honored typical businessmen of Northern Coast Area in 2015. Mr. Vu Tien Loc – VCCI Chairman came and made congratulation speech to business community.
The honored businessmen and businesswomen all met the requirements of legal business and production, showing their bravery to be creative, assertive to build and develop their business reputable, strong, and stably developed with high awareness of protecting the environment, taking responsibility of society and well carrying out gratitude-showing work and social security duty.

Mr. Le Trung Kien – BDCC General Director receiving Merit and Medal

BDCC is a business belonging to Ministry of Construction, mainly working in construction sector (Build and install for civil works, industrial works, traffic works, irrigation works, hydropower works, electricity line and transformer stations,  urban infrastructure technical projects, industrial zones) in the whole country.

During the last years, when the world and the area economy have encountered lot of difficulties, they have especially affected badly on domestic construction industry. However, together with the creativity and activeness of leaders’ board, good engineers and skillful workers, Mr. Le Trung Kien – BDCC General Director brilliantly led BDCC to overcome difficulties and kept BDCC on Top big businesses under the control of MOC with a stable year-by-year growth. Moreover, BDCC performed very well duties of military, local defense, gratitude-showing activities and social security, contributing positively into the general development of Vietnamese business community in 2015.

Glorifying these achievements, VCCI presented Merit and Medal of “Typical business man of Northern Coast Area in 2015” to Mr. Le Trung Kien – BDCC General Director.

Honored typical businessmen/women at the Ceremony

Speaking at the Ceremony, VCCI Chairman Vu Tien Loc expressed his happiness and congratulation for the achievements of Northern Coast Area business community, as well as spent much time analyzing the opportunities, advantages and challenges for business at present, especially when TPP Treatment was about to sign. He would like businesses and entrepreneurs to promote their achievements, their bravery of “soldier in peacetime”, integrate deeply and effectively, win the victory in enriching families, society and developing the city and the country./.

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