BDCC Leaders went checking the site of Package 13A – Construction XL2

On 09/11/2017 afternoon, Mr. Nguyen Trong Khai – BDCC General Director, together with Deputy General Director Bui Thanh Tung, leaders and specialists of functional departments in BDCC, went checking the construction work at site of Package 13A – Construction XL2 (The Intersection under bridge) under Investment Project of Upgrading Road 356 Section 2A from Nguyen Binh Khiem junction to Dinh Vu dam.
General Director checking, directing the construction at site

Up to now, the construction unit is in hurry to execute the intersection under bridge (Package 13A – Construction XL2) with several 100% finished items, such as: Casting curb type 1A; excavating the subgrade, placing geotextile, embanking with sand K90, K95, K98 (collector load number  2); racking the manhole type 1, excavating the street forms, compacting with rollers K98 (collector load number 3)…, various 90% finished items such as: installing culvert foundation, culverts D200; embanking with red earth 30cm thick (embanking for one side/line) 8m wide; embanking with macadam aggregate type 2 (Roller K98)… For the next time, they continue to mobilize man force and equipment, striving for handing over the work on schedule as requested by Employer.

At site, General Director said he recognized the execution unit’s effort. He also directed them to gather more man force and facilities and materials to overcome existing difficulties, pay more attention to OSH and ensure the progress as well as the quality of the works.

Site of Package 13A


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