BDCC Leaders went checking the site of Package C and Package G

On 17/01/2018 morning, Mr. Nguyen Trong Khai – BDCC General Director with BDCC Deputy General Director Luu Quang Bon, managers and experts of BDCC functional departments went checking the construction at the site of package C – Gia Minh solid waste treatment complex under Hai Phong sewerage, drainage and solid waste management project, stage 1 and Package G – construction and improvement of connecting route from Gia Minh Solid Waste Treatment Complex to Hai Phong cement plant.

BDCC leaders checking the site of Package C

At the site of Package C, construction units are in hurry for gathering the man force, equipment on construction to ensure the progress as requested by the Employer. Up to now, they have completed 69% of contract price.

Started in August 2017, Package G has been attended with many equipment, man force to ensure the required schedule. Up to now, a lot of items have been completed 100% as: Construction with bored pile on abutment M1, M2; cast on the beam I18m; concrete placing on abutment footing M1; making foundation hole, concrete placing on abutment footing M2…; many works have been completed with 90% as: construction of concrete wall (wall, footing), placing concrete on the wing wall of abutment M2…

BDCC leaders checking the site of Package G

On checking the site, General Director dignified the efforts of construction units as well as directed them to gather more man force, materials and equipment to overcome the difficulties and coordinate with joint venture partners to ensure the progress and quality of the work.

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