BDCC on track to implement ahead of schedule of Machinery Unit 1 – Project of Thermal Power Plant Long Phu 1

Thermal Power Plant Long Phu 1 is the Coal fired Power Plant belonging to Long Phu Power Center. It was in the plan approved by Ministry of Industry and Trade, with the capacity of 4,400MW, including 03 Projects of Coal fired Power Plants (Thermal Power Plant Long Phu 1 – capacity of 1,200MW, Thermal Power Long Phu 2 – Capacity of 1,200MW, and Thermal Power Plant Long Phu 3 – capacity of 2,000MW) and other auxiliary infrastructures built in sync.

Thermal Power Plant Long Phu 1 with the capacity of 2x600MW, designed in block of 02 machinery units and synchronized device systems (such as the systems of providing treatment and storage for coal fuel, oil, limestone-gypsum; treatment systems for water, ash, desulphurization, etc.) met the demands of modernity and high performance, ensuring the emission conditions of international and Vietnamese Standards in present as well as being environment-friendly. Boilers and steam turbines used by Thermal Power Long Phu 1 are amongst the worldwide modern technology supercritical parameters nowadays. They are operated with coal imported from Indonesia and Australia as anticipated.

Concrete casting for Boiler’s foundation – Machinery Unit 1

The total volume of item Boiler: 1,000 ton of steel and 11,000m3 of concrete. As proposed in method statement, the whole foundation of Boiler was scheduled in 124 days. This item started on 26/11/2015 and expected to finish on 07/04/2016.

Up to now, BDCC has completed nearly 9,000m3 of concrete (equivalent to 90% of work) for Boiler’s foundation, 36% ahead of the schedule, ensuring the requests of quality, art-techniques and labor-hygiene security.

On directing the Project, BDCC’s leaders asked the Project Management Unit to promote the activeness, creativity, strengthen the steering work to execution units to finish well all of project’s requirements, and especially pay attention to labor hygiene security, fire-explosion prevention and determine to complete the work ahead of schedule.

Some images of project construction site:

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