BDCC Party Committee successfully organized the Congress for the key cell

On 06/3/2020 afternoon, The Cell of Bach Dang Truong Giang Investment Development Joint Stock Company held the Congress for the first time, term of 2020-2025. This is the congress for the key cell under Party Committee of the Corporation. Comrade Pham Duc Thang – Vice Secretary of BDCC Party Committee came to attend and speak for directing the Congress.

Attending the Congress was Comrade Bui Thi Dieu – Chief of BDCC Party Committee Office together with the representatives of the Party branches under BDCC Party Committee and 09 official delegates who were summoned to attend the Congress.

The Congress conducting the flag salute ceremony

During the past term, the Party Cell of the Company has promoted the leading role, directing its sub-divisions to fulfill all assigned tasks, fully participate in learning, well implement the Directives and Resolutions of Party Committees at all levels, well maintain the Party activity regime, uphold the principles of democratic centralism; the Cell is recognized as ” Strong and Chaste Cell”, 100% of members are graded from completing their duties or more.

Mr. Pham Duc Thang – Vice Secretary of BDCC Party Committee speaking for directing the Congress

Speaking at the Congress, Comrade Pham Duc Thang – Vice Secretary of BDCC Party Committee dignified the achievements of the Cell in the past term. He emphasized that the Cell should promote the leading role, directing its specialized agencies and mass organizations on the basis of well implementing the Directives and Party Resolutions at all levels to well implement the democracy regulations, take care of cadre work, strengthen the inspection, supervision, internal solidarity, determination to successfully implement the proposed political and economic tasks.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Truong – The Cell Secretary reporting at the Congress

The Congress voting for the Party Cell Committee, term of 2020-2022

Mr. Pham Duc Thang giving flower to congratulate the Executive Committee, term of 2020-2025

Delegation taking photos at the Congress