BDCC Party Committee successfully organized the Congress for the key grassroots party committee.

On 06/03/2020 morning, the Party Committee of Bach Dang Import – Export and Construction Joint Stock Company organized the 6th Congress of Delegates, term of 2020-2025. This is the congress for the key grassroots committee under BDCC Party Committee. Comrade Nguyen Van An – Secretary of BDCC Party Committee came to attend and speak for directing the Congress.

Delegates at the Congress

Attending the Congress was Comrade Pham Duc Thang – Vice Secretary of BDCC Party Committee, Comrade Bui Trung Tien – Vice Head of Municipal Commission of Mass Mobilization, Deputy Head of Task Group 20 Comrade Pham Tien Thuan – Deputy Manager of General Policy Department – Municipal Commission of Organization, man in charge of BDCC Party Committee together with the representatives of the Party branches under BDCC Party Committee and 38 official delegates who were summoned to attend the Congress.

The Congress conducting the flag salute ceremony

During the past term, the Company’s Party Committee lead and directed its specialized agencies and mass organizations to fulfill all production – business tasks and obligations to the State. For the work of building the Party, the Company’s Party Committee has well implemented the Party’s Directives and Resolutions, paying attention to building the Party and its activities. the Company’s Party Committee has step by step renewed the leading method and personnel organization, well maintaining the Party activity regime, upholding the principles of democratic centralism. The Company’s Party Committee and its dependent cells are recognized as “Strong and Chaste”, 100% of members are graded from completing their duties or more.

Mr. Nguyen Van An – Secretary of BDCC Party Committee speaking for directing the Congress

Speaking at the Congress, Comrade Nguyen Van An – Secretary of BDCC Party Committee dignified the achievements of the Company’s Party Committee in the past term. He emphasized that, in the term of 2020-2025, the Company’s Party Committee should stay firm, not wavering before difficulties, well implement the democratic regulations, take care of cadre work, enhance inspection, supervision and internal solidarity. Regarding solutions, he suggested paying more attention to the management of materials, quality, labor safety and hygiene, promoting the leading role of the Party and Party members, improving the quality of party members.

Presidium running the Congress

Mr. Le Khac Binh – The Company’s Party Committee Secretary, MB Chairman reporting at the Congress

Mr. Le Quy Ba – BDCC Party Commissioner, the Company’s Party Committee Secretary Director reporting at the Congress

The Congress voting for the new Party Executive Committee

Mr. Nguyen Van An – Secretary of BDCC Party Committee giving flowers to congratulate the Executive Committee, term of 2020-2025

The Congress voting to approve the Resolution of the Congress