BDCC Preschool held Good Healthy Kid Festival and International Children Day Festival and Graduation Ceremony for 5-year kids in 2017 – 2018 school year

In the exciting air of nation-wide children, on 29/5/2018 morning, BDCC Preschool held “Good Healthy Kid Festival, Graduation Ceremony for 5-year kids and International Children Day Festival” in order to create the excitement, happiness and encouragement to kids as well as increase the awareness of responsibility of families and communities to children education and care career.

Delegates at the ceremony

Come to attend and join the children was Mr. Le Hong Cuong – BDCC Agency Union President, Mr. Pham Duc Thang – Chief of Office, BDCC leader representatives, representatives of Le Chan Education and Training Department, Niem Nghia People’s Committee, Civil group no.23, Parent Association, kids’ parents, teachers and kids from BDCC Preschool.

Mr. Pham Duc Thang – BDCC Chief of Office giving flowers to congratulate the school

Mrs. Dinh Thi Ly – Principal, on behalf of Preschool, making speech on school-year closing and expressing their gratitude

The festival was a realistic and fantastic play ground for the kids to exchange their knowledge and soft skills to strengthen their confidence. It was also the chance to summarize the work of teachers and kids and express their gratitude to leaders of all grades and parents for their care and love to preschool education during the last school year.

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