BDCC Preschool held the 35th Anniversary Ceremony of Vietnamese Teacher Day (20/11/1982 – 20/11/2017)

In the atmosphere of the whole country’s excitement, on 20/11/2017 morning, BDCC Preschool solemnly held the 35th Anniversary Ceremony of Vietnamese Teacher Day (20/11/1982 – 20/11/2017).

Delegations at the Ceremony

Attending the Ceremony was leader representatives of Le Chan District’s Department of Education and Training, Niem Nghia Ward People’s Committee, Mr. Le Hong Cuong – President of BDCC Agency’s Union, members of BDCC Agency Union Executive Board and all other teachers and employees of the Preschool.

At the Ceremony, the Preschool received plenty of fresh flowers and congratulations from BDCC Agency Union and other organizations.

Mr. Le Hong Cuong – Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Union President of BDCC Agency giving flowers and speaking for congratulating the teachers
Mrs. Dinh Thi Ly – Principal speaking at the Ceremony

On behalf of teachers, employees of the Preschool, Principal Dinh Thi Ly summarized the achievements which they had achieved during the school-year, thanked the attention and the care of local authority, BDCC leaders as well as showed their determination to get solidarity for a growing development of the school.

Some images of the Ceremony

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