BDCC supported house building expenditure for poor farmer families in Do Son district, Hai Phong city

Mr. To Van Hue presenting the gift to Mr. Tuyen

Leader representatives of Hai Phong Farmer Association, local authority and people attending the event

Mr. Hoang Dang Tuyen and his family are original farmers in N Quyen, Minh Duc, Do Son. There are 02 people – the father and the son – getting neurological disease. They have been living in a long-a-built house which was made by simple materials and has been seriously downgraded. The house was dilapidated and potentially collapsed at any time. They, however, couldn’t afford to repair the house.

Coming with mutual hearts, BDCC’s leaders and staffs presented Mr. Tuyen and his family VND 50,000,000, hoping that it would somehow help them to improve their living condition.

Mr. To Van Hue speaking at the event

This was an activity in BDCC’s social security program 2016, aiming at helping poor family in Hai Phong improve their living condition as well as showing BDCC’s responsibilities to society and contribution to social security work and new rural building work as assigned by Hai Phong Authority.

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