BDCC supported house-building expenditure for poor farmer families in Kien Thuy, Tien Lang district – Hai Phong city

On doing social welfare tasks designed by Hai Phong Party Committee, Hai Phong People’s Committee, getting the advocate of City Farmer Association and local authority, on 11/5/2016, BDCC Delegation including Mr. Le Trung Kien – General Director, Mr. To Van Hue – Union President and other leaders of BDCC departments came to visit, encourage and support VND 100 million of house-building expenditure to Hoang Gia Vinh’s family in Hamlet 7, Kien Quoc commune, Kien Thuy district, and Nguyen Thi Hien’s family in Trung Hung hamlet, Tien Lang district.

Mr. To Van Hue giving the supporting money to Hoang Gia Vinh
Mr. To Van Hue giving the supporting money to Nguyen Thi Hien

Hoang Gia Vinh with his family was living in Hamlet 7, Kien Quoc commune, Kien Thuy district. He led a very miserable life. His wife got neuropathy, unable to work. He himself didn’t have good health, and he had to raise 2 little children. His family was living in a 14-m2 downgraded and dilapidated house, unsafe in the storm. He, however, couldn’t afford to repair it.   

In the same difficult situation, Nguyen Thi Hien with her family was living in Trung Hung hamlet, Dong Hung commune, Tien Lang district. There were 4 people in her family. She was the bread winner, raising 3 little children. Her eldest child got congenital heart disease, taken to hospital times and again annually. Her family was living in a more-than-15-m2 downgraded and dilapidated house, unsafe in the storm. She, however, couldn’t afford to repair it.

With the whole heart solidarity of BDCC staffs, the hope to somehow share difficulties with Vinh, Hien, to help them reduce house-building expenditure and improve their living-condition to overcome the difficult life, BDCC leaders came to encourage and support them with VND 50 million/family.

Leader representatives of Hai Phong Farmer Association, BDCC, local authority and people witnessing the work of supporting Nguyen Thi Hien’s family
Mr. Nguyen Van Chuong – Chairman of Hai Phong Farmer Association recognizing and dignifying the good activities and contribution of material and spirit of BDCC for Hai Phong city’s social security work and new rural construction work
Mr. To Van Hue speaking at the Ceremony

This was an activity in BDCC’s social security program in 2016.  It also showed BDCC’s responsibility to society, and BDCC’s contribution to social security and new rural building duty together with Hai Phong’s Authority.



Mr. Le Trung Kien and the task force visiting and encouraging farmer families

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