BDCC’s Annual General Meeting in 2019

On 26/04/2019 morning, at the headquarter of BDCC Agency – 268 Tran Nguyen Han, Le Chan, Hai Phong, BDCC succeeded in holding the Annual General Meeting 2019 which was attended by nearly 150 shareholders. Mr. Vu Quang Bao – MB Chairman came to attend and lead the Meeting.

The Meeting performing the flag salute rituals

Mr. Vu Quang Bao – MB Chairman speaking for leading the Meeting

Presidium, Secretariat executing the Meeting

Mr. Nguyen Van An – MB Vice Chairman, General Director making report at the Meeting

Ms. Bui Thi Chau – Head of Controller Board making report at the Meeting

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thai – Director of Financial Accounting Board, Chief Accountant making report at the Meeting

At the Meeting, the important contents were submitted, discussed and voted, such as the Report of Business Production results in 2018 and plan for 2019 from Board of General Directors, the Report of results in MB’s activities in 2018 and Plan for 2019, the Report of Board of Controllers’ activities, the audited Financial Report in 2018, the Report of Profit Split Method in 2018, Report of settlement of remuneration for MB, CB in 2018 and the remuneration plan for MB, CB in 2019; the Report of Proposal for auditing unit of financial statements in 2019; the Report of dismissal and additional election for member of CB, term 2018 – 2023.

The Meeting passing the Reports, Submissions with high agreement

The Meeting proceded the vote, agreed to dismiss one member and made additional election for one member of Controller Board, term 2018 – 2023.

Shareholders balloting for dismissing and additional elections for a member of Controller Board

Mr. Vu Thanh Phong – Deputy General Director making report at the Meeting

Mr. Pham Duc Thang – Deputy General Director making report at the Meeting

Mr. Vu Quang Bao – MB Chairman giving flower on congratulation to the members of Controller Board term 2018-2023..

… and congratulation to Presidium, Secretariat for their successful execution at the Meeting

Mr. Tran Ngoc Anh – Head of Secretariat passing the Minute of Meeting

The Meeting voted to pass the Meeting Minute and Resolution, successfully ending the Meeting in 2019.

BDCC Annual General Meeting in 2019 was the first one to be made after transferring ownership from state capital to 100% private capital.
BDCC was established in 1958, an precursor enterprise under Ministry of Construction with a long tradition in the field of investment and construction of industries construction, irrigation, post office, airports, ports, technical infrastructure works in urban, and industrial zones.. and real estate business By July 2014, the Corporation officially operated as a joint stock company model. In the public auction on 18/06/2018 at Hanoi Stock Exchange, 94.61% of the charter capital (all shares represented by MOC) was privatized. The Corporation successfully implemented the Government’s policy of state divestment.

Since the official transfer of ownership, although the transition process from the state to the joint stock company still has many outstanding issues, but by the right policy, the right way, with the determination of efforts of the whole Corporation, the production and business activities of the Corporation are not only inherited and maintained stably but also promoted and promoted by the Corporation’s Board of Leaders to raise the position of the enterprise to a new height.

From consolidating, arranging organization, improving competitiveness of enterprises to implement policies and policies to encourage employees, it has brought positive effects.
A series of works, projects worthing thousands of billions of VND have been deployed and built by the Corporation nationwide, such as: The Manor Lao Cai Project; Van Nien – Hue water supply plant project; Versatile sports hall in Quang Ninh province, Viet Tiep Friendship Hospital Hai Phong – Facility 2; Lach Huyen international deep-water port; Vinh Tan thermal power plant; Cat Hai Pearl Harbor, Hai Phong; Project on embellishment of Tam Bac and Hai Phong rivers; Northern Song Cam urban area project

In 2018, the production and business value is VND 2,537 billion, revenue is VND 2,400 billion. In 2019, the Corporation proposed a plan to bring production and business value to 2,628 billion VND, and the revenue will reach 2,438 billion VND. Especially, starting from 2019, the Corporation will focus on investment in real estate projects, urban infrastructure and industrial parks…

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Vu Quang Bao – MB Chairman of the Corporation gave the strategic direction of the Corporation to build and develop Bach Dang into a multi-industry economic group, in which maintaining and promoting the tradition of construction field while focusing resources on investment in real estate, energy and industrial projects, etc. towards building a Corporation to become a pure Vietnamese enterprise but sufficient international integration capacity, becoming a brand for Vietnamese people to be proud of./.