BDCC’s General Director checked the execution progress of the project of Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant

General Director Nguyen Trong Khai and the task force at the site

Up to now, more than 66% of contract value has been done by BDCC. In detail, there have been 25 amongst 29 items of the Main Plant put into execution, with 19 of them were completed and taken over to the Contractor; 6 items were about to be finished and taken over in Sep 2016; the 4 left stayed still for some problems with clearance work. This construction progress met and exceeded requirements of the project, meeting the demands of Employer of work quality, strictly ensuring the labor safety hygiene which was highly appreciated by Contractor TOA, Consultant Supervisor and Employer.


General Director chairing the review meeting at the PMB’s office

After checking the site, General Director chaired a review meeting with PMB and execution units. He asked PMB to continue promoting their spirit of activeness, creativeness in project management and execution, firmly grasping Employer and Consultant Supervisor to quickly solve the problems of changes in designs, document and payment processing; executive unit needed to well prepare for manpower and equipment to readily speed up the work progress when the changes in design and methods were improved to grasp every schedule milestone, ensuring the project schedule. Besides, the work quality and labor safety and environment hygiene should be taken in close consideration.

Some images taken at the site

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