BDCC’s heads went checking the execution progress of project on building Gia Minh solid waste treatment complex (Package C)

On 04/8/2016 morning, General Director Nguyen Trong Khai, Deputy Generel Director Luu Quang Bon together with leaders and experts of BDCC’s functional departments went checking the execution progess of project on building Gia Minh solid waste treatment complex (Project of Hai Phong drainage – sewage disposal and solid waste management, Period 1).
General Director checking the execution progress at the site of Package C

After checking the site, General Director chaired a review meeting with Project Management Board and execution units. Up to 02/8/2016, for 9.5 months of execution, the work done has been reached nearly 31% of the total contract value, meeting the demands of progress, quality, ensuring the labor hygiene.


General Director chairing the meeting in the PMB’s Office

To conclude the meeting, General Director dignified the effort of PMB and execution units for striving to get over all difficulty and meet the demands of Employer. The work left was big, also some designs of some items were changed, and unpredictable weather affected much on shortening the progress (30 months instead of 32 months as in Contract). To finish the target to shorten the progress, General Director ask PMB to promote their self-control, creativity in project management and execution, aim at firmly grasping Employer and Consultant Supervisor to quickly solve the problems of changes in designs, document and payment processing; executive unit needed to well prepare for manpower and equipment to readily speed up the work progress when the changes in design and methods were improved to grasp every schedule milestone, ensuring the project schedule. Besides, the work quality and labor safety and environment hygiene should be taken in close consideration. He directed BDCC’s functional departments’ leaders to support and condition them on documentation, technical and financial process to ensure the work as planned.

Package C: Building Gia Minh solid waste treatment complex, belonging to Project of Hai Phong drainage – sewage disposal and solid waste management, Period 1. It is invested by Hai Phong People’s Committee, represented by Project Management Board of Haiphong environment – hygiene condition improvement. The Project uses the ODA from Japanese and counterpart fund from City’s People’s Committee. The joint venture of Bach Dang Construction Corporation and Viet Uc Corporation acts as the Contractor. The contract values more than VND 796,000,000,000, in which BDCC occupies 55% and Viet Uc Corporation takes 45%. Construction time lasts 32 months.

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