Chairman of Members Council of Bach Dang Construction Corporation inspected and worked at DAP2 Project – Lao Cai

On 12th June 2013, Mr. Nguyen Huy Hoan – Party Secretary, Chairman of Members Council of the Corporation inspected the progress on the construction site of DAP2 project and worked with the Project Management Board of civil and building work – DAP2 project – Lao Cai.

Mr Nguyen Huy Hoan were working at Project Management Board’s office

construction site inspection, he heard several reports from Mr Le Trung
Kien – Deputy General Director who is directly in charged of the
project, Director of Project Management Board, Director of Bach Dang 234
Construction Joint Stock Company and foremen of construction teams
about what have done, uncompleted and the problems related to the
progress of the project. The Project Management Board, Director of Bach
Dang 234 Construction Joint Stock Company and construction teams were
required to strictly implement the leaders’ direction of the
Corporation, focus on manpower, materials and construction equipment to
meet the progress as required by the Contractor and the Owner.

Leaders of the Corporation were inspecting the construction site

Project Management Board was required to instruct the subcontractors,
construction teams to try their best to complete the target completion
date of the project as following specific requirements:

* For the Project Management Board:

Assign clear functions, tasks, person who is responsible for direct
construction of Turbine item 19.3 to ensure adequate supply of manpower,
completion of progress and quality;
– Recover any objective reasons
in order not to be delayed during construction process as signed with
the main contractor – Toyo;
– Focus on inspection to handover
completed items (with as-built drawings), payment documents and good
implementation of site weekly meeting for report to the Corporation..
– All of the above tasks must be completed and stabilized before 16th June 2013.

* For Bach Dang 234 Construction Joint Stock Company:

Leaders of Bach Dang 234 Construction Joint Stock Company should be
regularly on the construction site for execution instruction and
– Based on the approved detail progress, Bach Dang 234
Construction Joint Stock Company should plan to mobilize manpower,
material supply with reasonable rates, careful calculation to ensure
sufficient workers and materials for execution in time to avoid the
overall delay.
– Strictly conform to the rules and regulations of TOYO contractor.

of Members Council gave specific guidance for progress inspection and
organization plan for the site construction of Civil and building work –
DAP2 – Lao Cai project.  In that spirit, leaders of Project Management
Board and those of member Companies together made determination to
complete the committed progress as signed with the Owner and TOYO main

Some of the images about DAP2 project – Lao Cai:

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