Commencement Ceremony of Quang Trach Thermal Power Plant 1

CommencementCeremony of Quang Trach Thermal Power Plant 1

Quang TrachThermal Power Plant 1 Project is the subsidiary of Quang Trach Power Center,which was built in Quang Dong commune, Quang Trach district, Quang Binhprovince with total investment of more than 33,000 billion VND.

The project hasthe capacity of 2×600 MW; a thermal power project using coal with big capacityand it was the first time for application of the implementation model of EPC bytransferring separate sections, advice offer, equipment supply, andconstruction to domestic firms. Thereby internal resources shall be furtherstrengthened, improve the competitiveness of domestic contractors at the behestof the Prime Minister.

The pulverizedcoal fired boiler technology is used for this project, high performance andensure the emission conditions complying with international and Vietnamesestandards.

Quang TrachThermal Power Plant is a major and urgent project in the planning of nationalelectricity development for 2006-2015, amd that of 2025 was also submitted toPrime Minister for approval.

It is owned byVietnam National Oil and Gas Group (VPN), Oil and Petrovietnam Engineering(PVE) and Petrovietnam Company (PVC) are general contractors.

Attending theceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai praised the investors,contractors and Quang Binh people’s committee that they have been many effortsto ensure adequate project commenced in the right conditions and expected time.

Deputy PrimeMinister said that the guideline implementation of electric development forsocioeconomic development, in the electricity development plan of 2011-2020,and the vision of coming 2030, our country will develop 5,000 MW of electricity/ year to increase power output from 100 billion kWh / year currently to 300billion kWh / year in 2020 and 800 billion kWh / year in 2030. This al requiresa great effort from us.

The covenant wassigned by the emulation units

On this project,Deputy Prime Minister suggested that the Ministry of Industry and Trade shouldclosely direct the contractor to focus forces, supplies, equipment, and ensurethe environmental factors of the project, ensuring that the generators put intooperation as proposed schedule

The Quang Trachthermal power project put into operation as right schedule will be the basisfor the project – Quang Trach 2 continues to be deployed in the next stage.

At the ceremony,the representative of the employer has launched the period of emulation, focuson all machinery, equipment, manpower and material resources, Generator No.1will put into operation and connect with national power grid in June, 2015; thegenerator No. 2 will put into operation in December, 2015.

As expected, whencompleted and 02 generators put into operation, Quang Trach Thermal Power Plantwill provide a national grid about 8.4 billion kWh / year, contributing toensure national energy security to meet the development needs of sub-load ofthe central region and reduce power losses due to transmitting long-distance.

Quang Dongprimary school, Quang Trach district – present from Vietnam National Oil andGas Group

In addition, theproject will help develop infrastructure for energy, production value in thedirection of modern industry, promote economic restructuring towardindustrialization and enhance the industry, develop the manufacturing sectorand other services, and create significant revenue sources for Quang Binhprovince.

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