Conference of Review on 2017 and Task Implementation for 2018

On 19/01/2018 morning, Bach Dang Construction Corporation-JSC. held the Conference of Review on 2017 and Task implementation for 2018. Attending the Conference was the representatives of Ministry of Construction as Mr. Ha Manh Hoat – Deputy General Director of Department of Personnel and Organization and other leader representatives of Department of Business Management and Department of Planning – Finance under Ministry of Construction, the representatives from Hai Phong city as Mr. Do Manh Hien – Member of Municipal Party Committee, Chairman of Inspection Committee of Hai Phong Party Committee, leader representatives of Hai Phong Party Committee, Hai Phong Services and Departments, and Clients and Customers of BDCC as well as reporters from Hai Phong and local mass media and newspapers.

Mr. Ha Manh Hoat – Deputy General Director of Department of Personnel and Organization under MOC speaking for directing the Conference

Mr. Do Manh Hien – Member of Municipal Party Committee, Chairman of Inspection Committee of Hai Phong Party Committee speaking for directing the Conference

In the last year, in the context of increasingly fierce competition, the domestic economy faced to a lot of difficulties and challenges which hard affected on business – production activities. Under close supervision of MOC and Party Committees at all levels, with the great efforts in the spirit of high responsibility and solidarity of the leader board and staffs, BDCC, however, has step by step overcome the difficulties and collected positive achievements in business production as well as completed the planning goal in 2017. It also distributed to successful completion of the year’s subject as “Strengthen the discipline of budget revenues and expenditures; improve the business investment environment”. In 2017, BDCC gained 7,208 billion VND for total output, reaching 105% of year plan, 4,806 billion VND for revenue, reaching 108% of year plan, 131 billion VND into state budget, reaching 105% of year plan.

Mr. Dao Viet Dung – Chairman of BDCC Party Committee, Chairman of BDCC Management Board speaking at the Conference

These achievements have been obtained thanks to the close, comprehensive supervision of BDCC Party Committee and Leader board. They lead the Corporation to put the focus on ideological work, make secure of the unity, centrality and democracy and raise the competence of leadership in order to successfully perform the politic tasks. In the last year, BDCC Party Committee succeeded in holding the study, comprehension, propaganda and implementation of Resolution TW 05, resolution TW 06 (session XII) and Directive 05 of Politburo, 01 class of fostering the awareness of Party for 83 advanced people; making initiation of 27 advanced people into Communist Party…, which have been highly appreciated by Party Committees of all levels. 

Mr. Nguyen Trong Khai – BDCC General Director speaking at the Conference

Making big contribution to general achievements of the Corporation, BDCC Union had always well performed its tasks as protecting and taking care of laborers’s rights, raising the standards of life for every employee, obeying and implementing the military tasks and local defence, contributing to social security of the city, well perform the responsibilities of an enterprise to the State and the community. In 2017, Union Congress of all levels, especially BDCC Union Congress session XXV, term 2017 – 2022 was successfully; many activities was launched and deployed effectively as taking care for staff’s children on occasion of Mid Autumn festivals, International Children Day, awarding the children of good achievements in study with the total amount of more than 200 million VND; introducing and initiating 25 advanced union members into Communist Party…

Mr. Hoang Anh – BDCC Union President speaking at the Conference

Promoting the achievements in 2016, BDCC Youth Union launched and implemented a lot of practical activities, distributing much into business production activity in 2017 of the Corporation: Promoting the emulation movements to perform the tasks of construction and youth works, raising the foreign language competence for youth union members, young guys, organizing cultural, sports, music performance activities to acclimate the 60th Anniversary of  BDCC Foundation Day (31/8/1958 – 31/8/2018). Besides, BDCC Youth Union took part in activities and movements launched by Hai Phong Youth Union Committee as “Hai Phong Youth join hands to build new countryside”, “Youth Union provides assistance to disadvantaged families and poor households”… attracting many of youth members to join in.

Mr. Kieu Xuan Huong – Manager of Construction Management Department speaking for Discussion at the Conference

Mr. Le Quy Ba – Director of Bach Dang Bimexco JSC. speaking for Discussion at the Conference

Speaking at the Conference, Mr. Ha Manh Hoat and Mr. Do Manh Hien recognized and highly appreciated the results BDCC had gained in 2017 for its distribution to completion of politic tasks of MOC and the City. In 2018, they wanted BDCC to further promote its spirit of creativity, solidarity to ensure the stability and development of business production, participating and distributing to the development of the city and the country, especially on the completion of State capital withdrawal at the Corporation.

On behalf of BDCC leaders, Mr. Dao Viet Dung – Secretary of BDCC Party Committee, Chairman of BDCC Management Board received the feedbacks of superior leaders as well as expressed his thanks to the direction and support from the leaders of MOC, Hai Phong Party Committee, Hai Phong People’s Committee and Hai Phong services and departments, BDCC clients and customers who always conditioned BDCC to gain high achievements. He also expressed his hope for getting more attention, timely direction from MOC, Hai Phong city to give BDCC more chance of further development, greater distribution to the social-economic development of the city and the country.

For the said achievements, BDCC was honored to be awarded with Flag of Emulation in 2017 by Ministry of Construction.

BDCC is honored to receive Flag of Emulation from MOC

Company leader representatives receiving Certificate of Merits from BDCC

BDCC leaders awarding Certificate of Merits to typical individuals in 2017

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