Construction Implementation of lines 5 (DN1200 ductile iron pipe) under Package A1 – Rainwater Drainage and Waste Water Project and Solid Waste Management – Phase I

Wastewater Line No. 5 (DN1200 ductile iron pipe) is one of three wastewater pipelines under Package A1: Construction of sewer lines: Line 1, line 4, line 5, and the path to Vinh Niem wastewater treatment Plant  – Rainwater Drainage and Waste Water Project and Solid Waste Management – Phase I.

The ductile iron pipeline with a total length of 2.147m from Cho Hang pumping station to Vinh Niem wastewater treatment Plant on Thien Loi road to Vinh Niem resettlement area with 7m wide road.

Recognizing the importance of Package A1 in particular and environmental improvement project in general, the licensing procedures, approved construction methods and shop drawings, manpower mobilization, modern facilities and equipment were urgently completed by the contractor to execute DN1200 ductile iron pipeline.

Although the planning and coordinating elevation system which were handed over to the contractor by the Owner were deficient, all the engineers of the Corporation tried their best to overcome difficulties; creative design of accurate GPS coordinates for completion of the pipeline in accordance with the schedule.

On 9th May 2013, the contractor started construction of Line 5 – DN1200 ductile iron pipe. With determination to complete the pipeline at the earliest time, all staff and workers of the contractor put their efforts to place the first pipe section on 14th May 2013.

Some pictures of  construction of sewage line 5

The first pipe section is placed  on 14 May 2013

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