Construction Minister visits and works in Bach Dang Head Office

A meeting washeld in Bach Dang Head Office chaired by Construction Minister

Ministercommended and acknowledged the effort of Bach Dang personnel into theirbusiness activities in 2008. Despite the fluctuation price and recession ofworld economic,… Bach Dang Management Board called the effort of itssubsidiaries and member units, created a favorable working condition for theirpersonnel in order to complete Project timely. Especially the key Project – DungQuat Refinery Project, all of the work items under Bach Dang scope werecompleted and handed over to Technip Consortium – Contractor as per requiredschedule. The quality of the Project was highly evaluated by the Contractor.

Minister saidthat Bach Dang should put more effort into business in 2009 and wished BachDang a happy new year.

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