Construction Silo and Chimney by Sliding form Method

With more than 50 years activities in construction field together with wide experience in construction industrial projects. Bach Dang Construction Corporation has incessantly innovate and application successfully new methods and technologies. Typical is applied sliding form technology in construction Silo and Chimney of cement plants and other industrial projects.

The projects
executed/in progress by sliding form method:

– Group 06 silos
of Lam Son Cement Plant – Ninh Binh;

– Silo of Tuyen
Quang Cement Plant;

– Silo of Chinfon
Cement Plant – Hai Phong;

– Silo of Hoa
Phat Cement Plant – Ha Nam

– Chimney of Cai
Lan Steel Rolling Factory – Quang Ninh

– Water tower of Chu
Lai Floating Glass – Quang Ngai

– Silo of Bim Son
Cement Plant – Thanh Hoa

– Silo of Ninh
Thuy Cement Plant – Khanh Hoa       

Construction silo by sliding form  

Cement Silo

Group 06 silos of Lam Son Cement Plant – Ninh

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