Contract Signing of bid Package B – construction of DAP fertilizer Plant in Lao Cai

28 March 2013, the bid Package B under an EPC Contract – construction of Diammonium Photphat (DAP) fertilizer Plant in Lao Cai was signed by and between Bach Dang Construction Corporation and Toyo – Viet Nam Co.Ltd. The bid package consists of 19 main and ancillary works. Contract value is worth over 70 billion VND. The period of construction schedule is expected to be 13 months since March 2013.
The Project of Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) fertilizer Plant No.2  invested by DAP Joint Stock Company No. 2 -VINACHEM  with a capacity of 330,000 tonnes / year at Tang Loong Industrial Zone, Bao Thang district, Lao Cai province. It has total investment of about 250 million USD.

The investment Project for building a new  Plant producing DAP fertilizer on the land with an area of about 70.85 ha, including sulfuric acid workshop, DAP Fertilizer Plant, accessories workshop for power generation, steam and water supply, buildings for main activities, warehouses and area for manufacturing services.

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