Elegant and Graceful Gala of employees and Staff members in 2011: Impression of young staff members of the City

Ga la “Elegant and graceful” for employees and staff members in 2011 was held by the Standing Committee of the Youth Union which is one of many activities to celebrate National Day 2 / 9, one of the activities in response to Youth Year in 2011 of Hai Phong City took place at the Palace of Culture and Youth Sports of the City on the 19th of August which was anticipated to be the most exciting.
At 19p.m on the 19th August, 2011, at the competition room of Palace of Culture and Youth Sport, audience and the contestant’s fans were present to cheer on the contestants together to compete in the Beauty contest which was first organized for the employees and staff members of the City. 24 contestants from 12 agencies and units in the city participated in the contest of competing in the competition for talent has seen the appeall of this contest. Joining the contest, 24 contestants in turn through three categories: work clothes, and Contest of Guessing expression of the group with optional costumes with content:  Ao dai Vietnam, work attire and knowledge test for organizational mission of Youth Union and social skills. The presence of the candidates made a tremendous surprise for the audience because they were completely beautiful and strange to walk on the catwalk in ao dai. With the ao dai, the amateur contestants became very lovely, gentle, and slender. The work attire was more exciting with costumes ranging from innovative trousers, shirts to luxury dress vest but it was very youthful and typical which showed the elegant and dynamic to the audience.  Each one owned different looks, but for this contest, young employees of the city became more specialized, more confident to express their own charm, and elegance. To do that, the contestants had prepared very carefully, Miss Hoang Phuong Thao from Viet Tiep Hospital team confided: to prepare to join the competition I saw a lot on the Internet, and on fashion magazines to aim styling and chose the beautiful costumes, but matched his physique. In addition to the advice and encouragement from families and a lot of collective agencies, I am even more confident to participate in this contest”.


In the contest “Guess expression of the group” showed the thinking abilities of coordination work, the organizers gave a topic to candidates and asked to answer within 1 minute, 24 candidates completed the contest well, in which the prominent pair of Nguyen Tuan Hai and Nguyen Thi Thu Trang who came from offices and agencies of the City with smart thinking and his creative suggestions.

For the third part of the contest “optional Clothes”, 12 pairs of contestants dressed gowns and street dresses, traditional dresses, and folk clothes…. They seemed to shine even more and completely conquered the audience about the beauty of form through the contest. However, the answer for behavior questions was what the judges and the audience most interested. Because intellectual beauty is the highest value claims flawless beauty of the employees. The organizers evaluated based criteria of intelligence, quick, and articulate expression to evaluate for the test.

The success of the contest must be mentioned to the interest to create conditions for the contestants and the cheering of a large audience. Rarely have any contests to keep audiences from beginning to end like this contest. More specifically it was the diversity of composition and age of the contestants participating in the contest. Many students in middle age were still very confident when matching steps with the young contestants through which confirms whether in age, young officers of the city still shows the charm and talent.

According to the jury, the contest organizers, participating in the contest the contestants had their best showing to the audience so that they can feel the charm of looks to the charm hidden inside by showing skills and behavior. With the external shape and show excellence through the contest, contestants pair of Nguyen Tuan Hai and Nguyen Thi Thu Trang who came from offices and agencies of the City have crowned the highest award of the contest. The third prize for the contestants came from: Vietnam Tiep Hospital, Bach Dang Construction Corporation, Vietnam Sea Transport Joint Stock Company. The second Prize for Secure Northern Marine Company and Hai Phong Port one member Co. Ltd. In addition, the organizers also awarded the other Prizes: pairs of candidates with the most impressive costumes were Bui Anh Tuan and Pham Thu Hang who came from Hai Phong Power Company, the pair of impressive performances of the Enterprises block, pairs of candidates with friendly manner belonged to Hai Phong Leather Company and Hang Kenh Carpet Joint Stock Company.

In the framework of programs on 18th of August, 12 pairs of contestants took part in the social mission visited the children and gave gift at Flamboyant baby Village, Hai An district. Candidates who had a program of exchanging fun and intimate sharing of misery that the children had to face in life and gave 50 gifts worth 300 thousand VND for them. It is a practical activity to beautify the image of employees and staff members associated with social work.

A jubilant atmosphere may be felt during the Gala. The stage was elaborately staged with the prominent theme is the Year of Youth in 2011. Gala “Elegant and graceful” for employees and staff members has created an exciting playground and impressive to officials, employees of the City. The contest also contributes to the aesthetic orientation, build a civilized lifestyle, communication skills at work under the motto aims to build the image of officials, employees and staff members younger, modern, dynamic, talented, and charming. The contest was finished, but each viewer and the candidates desired to meet again in the beauty contest later.

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