Haiphong People’s Committee’s Chairman Nguyen Van Tung checked the progress of Investment Project of widening the road across Dinh Vu industrial zone, Haiphong

On 09/8/2016 afternoon, Mr. Nguyen Van Tung – Haiphong People’s Committee’s Chairman together with leaders and experts of various Departments, Services, Boards went checking the progress at the site of Investment Project of widening the road across Dinh Vu industrial zone, Haiphong.

Chairman Nguyen Van Tung with the task force at the site

Checking at the site of Package XL2 (building engineering works from Km1+300 to Km2.600) and XL4 (building engineering works from Km3+900 to Km5.280,38), Chairman Nguyen Van Tung recognized and dignified the work that Contractor BDCC had been doing to meet the request of progress (some items had been done ahead of progress), the work quality, and labor safety. On directing the project, Chairman asked BDCC to promote their competence and experience traditions in execution industry, gather the labor force and equipment to speed up the progress and do take-over on 30/4/2017 (6 months ahead of the date in Contract – 15/10/2017).

Acquiring the advice from the City’s leader, Mr. Nguyen Trong Khai – BDCC’s General Director made his commitment to speed up the work to meet the demand of shortening the project progress, ensuring all requests of quality and labor safety. Besides, to be well conditioned to shorten the progress, Contractor proposed the city’s leaders to solve the problems of project’s capital and clearance.

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