Improvement and development project of National Highway No. 2C, Tuyen Quang Sectio

The Cooperation of Bach Dang ConstructionCorporation and Trading, Construction and Ex-import Joint Stock Company awardedthe construction of Package No. 2 from Km64+00 to Km77+00 – Improvement anddevelopment project of National Highway No. 2C section from Km49+750 to Km147+250of  Tuyen Quang region with the awardedvalue of 76,507,352,000.0 VND, in which BDCC performs from Km68+00 to Km77+00,valued 42,390,228,000.0 VND. The Contract No.02A/2009/HD-XL signed by andbetween BDCC and PMU of ADB Highway Improvement on the 20th August 2009. This project will befinished in the end of 2011.