Leaders of Bach Dang Construction Corporation inspected and worked on construction site of Mong Duong 1 Thermal Power Plant Project – Quang Ninh Province

Leaders of the Corporation inspected progress and quality at the construction site

 After construction site inspection, General Director held a meeting to review progress of the project items of Civil Package A and Building A – Mong Duong 1 Thermal Power Plant.
At the meeting, General Director of the Corporation highly appreciated the efforts of the staff employees of project management board, sub-contractors, and construction teams. At present, Mong Duong 1 Thermal Power Plant is a key project of the Corporation, so Bach Dang Construction Joint Stock Company No. 201, Bach Dang 234 Construction Joint Stock Company and the Corporation must demonstrate their capacity to ensure the progress, quality, labor safety, environmental sanitation as required by the Owner, general contractor and partners. Therefore, all the staff employees related to the project must put their efforts to complete the project in accordance with HDEC General Contractor’s commitment.

The Meeting

Project Management Board was required by General director to direct subcontractor, construction Companies for implementation of specific tasks as follows:
      – Complete concrete work of Turbine # 1 before 30th June 2013;
      – Complete all finished work of CCB House before 30th June 2013.

In order to accomplish the above contents, General director required:
     – Director of Bach Dang Construction Joint Stock Company No. 201 regularly stays on the construction site to direct construction work. The foremen, technicians spend their time on the construction site

     – Working time: Work at least 2 shifts / day. Strictly abide by the rules and regulations of HDEC General Contractor.

     – The rest work of the Civil package A Building A follow the overall progress, the Project Management Board regularly inspect and urge the construction Companies to ensure progress.

     – Director of Project Management Board was required to set up schedule until 31st August 2013 for accomplishment to celebrate 55 year traditional anniversary of Bach Dang Construction Corporation (31/8/1958 – 31/8 2013),.

Apart from the above, to ensure progress and quality in accordance with requirements of the project, the subcontractors, and construction team were required by General Director to continue to overcome existing obstacles and focus on manpower, equipment to complete the schedules of each item.

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