Leaders of the Corporation inspected construction progress of package NT-1.5B – Nha Trang City

On 13th June, 2013, Deputy General Director Pham Quang Tuong and Luu Quang Bon inspected the construction progress of the items of package NT-1.5B under Coastal Cities Environmental Sanitation Project- Nha Trang City sub-project.
At the meeting, after he heard the reports on the status of construction from NT-1.5b Project Management Board and opinions of construction teams, the Project Management Board and construction teams were required to increase manpower to accelerate the progress of the project.

With determination to complete the work on schedule at the request of the Owner, Deputy General Director requires:

With determination to complete the project to ensure progress as required by the Owner, Deputy General director requires:

Project Management Board continues to cooperate with the Owner and Consultant to control quality of art and technical works, promptly removes difficulties of techniques and other problems related to projects on the construction site;  Together with the construction teams concentrate on the progress acceleration of projects.

Bach Dang 15 Development and Investment Construction Joint Stock Company was required to seek urgent solutions for mobilization of human resources and materials to complete the progress as assigned by Project Management Unit such as: Round culvert lines on road 22 and 28; construction of pumping station structure; 3x2m box culverts on road 28 (including additional work of soft soil treatment) from Le Hong Phong road to the dyke.

Branch of the Corporation in Da Nang was required to mobilize and increase manpower for construction organization of 3x2m box culvert on road 22 (about 325m long) and other additional works. At the same time, Project Management Board proposed to increase 01 construction group for box culvert on road 28.

Focus on document completion for prompt payment acceptance. Management of safety and environmental protection must be considered as important to maintain reputation and brand development of Bach Dang Construction Corporation.

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