Meeting with retired staff of the General Corporation on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the establishment of Bach Dang Construction General Corporation (31/08/1958 – 31/08/2023)

Over 65 years of establishment and development with the tradition of “Drink water, remember the source” has always been maintained by Bach Dang Construction Corporation as a good tradition of the Corporation. On the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the Corporation (August 31, 1958 – August 31, 2023), to express gratitude for the contributions of previous generations, while strengthening the relationship of solidarity and attachment between working officials and employees and retired officials, on August 26, 2023, Bach Dang Construction Corporation solemnly organized a meeting for retired officials of the Corporation in a warm and meaningful atmosphere love at the Corporation Hall. The meeting was attended by Mr. Duong Van Them – Secretary of the Party Committee, General Director of the Corporation, members of the Board of Directors, Directors of the Board, heads of functional departments of the Corporation and 115 people retired officers of the Corporation.

On the occasion of the meeting, Comrade Hoang Anh – Deputy General Director of the Corporation, on behalf of the Corporation’s Board of Directors, expressed gratitude and honored the contributions of retired officers in the process of construction and development. Corporation, as well as sharing the latest information about the Corporation’s production and business activities and development situation in recent times.

In an intimate, warm and meaningful atmosphere, Mr. Tran Duc Ruyen, Head of TCT Retirement Association’s Liaison Department, expressed his feelings about the Corporation’s development in recent years. At the same time, he also expressed his pride and belief in the sustainable development of the Corporation, and wished that the Corporation would increasingly assert its position and prestige in the construction industry in the country.

Mr. Tran Duc Ruyen – Head of Liaison Department of the Corporation’s Retirement Association spoke at the meeting

The Board of Directors of the Corporation has also sent wishes of health and happiness to all retired officers, hoping that the retired officers always maintain an optimistic spirit, love life and continue to support and accompany them and contribute to the construction of the Corporation.

The meeting of retired officials is a meaningful activity, showing the Corporation’s interest and respect for retired officers, contributing to maintaining and promoting the close relationship of the Corporation. with retired officials, and at the same time creating conditions for retired officers to have the opportunity to meet, exchange and share experiences with each other and with the Board of Directors of the Corporation.