Party Committee of BDCC holds the training course of Communist Party of Vietnam in 2013 for the staff employees who are youth members and elite trade union members of the Corporation.

Implementation of the 29th Party Conference Resolution of the Corporation (period 2010 – 2013). The course was held from 25th May to 26th May, 2013 for 120 elite members who were chosen by 21 sub-committees under Party Committee of Bach Dang Construction Corporation to attend the training course of Communist Party of Vietnam in 2013. The members were educated about the awareness of the Party, purpose determination of joining the Party organization and basic knowledge on 05 topics:

1. An overview of history of Vietnamese Communist Party; 2. Nation Building Program in the transition period to socialism; 3. Basic contents of Vietnamese Communist Party rule; 4. Learn and follow Ho Chi Minh’s ideology and moral example; 5. Striving to become a Vietnamese Communist Party member.

Full class attendance

The course of Vietnamese Communist Party in 2013 was taught by Mr. Do Thanh Binh – Chief of the Propaganda Department of Vietnamese Communist Party and attending the course were experts of Propaganda Department and Chief Party Office of the Corporation.

Mr Vu Duc Thien – Chief of Party Office of the Corporation made an opening speech


Mr Do Thanh Binh explained basic content of Vietnamese Communist Party to trainees

After 02 days learning, the training course of Communist Party of Vietnam in 2013 had a great success. 100% of the participants completed the Party test with high quality, showing determination for practice and motivational spiritual building to strive to join the Party.

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