Party Conference of the Corporation on Reviewing Implementation Tasks in the third quarter, Performing Tasks of the fourth quarter in 2013.

On 27th September 2013, the Party Conference of the Corporation on Reviewing Implementation Tasks in the third quarter, Performing Tasks of the fourth quarter in 2013 was held by Party Committee of Bach Dang Construction Corporation. Mr Nguyen Huy Hoan – Chairman of Members Council chaired the Conference.

Mr Nguyen Huy Hoan – Party Secretary, Chairman of Members Council made speeches to steer the Conference

Conference participants were members in the Party Executive Committee of the Corporation; Party secretaries and directors of dependent Companies.
Attending the meeting were representatives from Party Inspection Committee and Party Organization Committee of Hai Phong City.

Mr  Pham Tien Hung – Deputy Party Secretary, General Director made a speech at the Conference

Party Executive Committee of the Corporation and Party cells of dependent Companies have managed and made good implementation of production and business tasks. Accumulation of 9 months in 2013 of the whole Corporation has basically reached outlined plans; The main targets are higher than in the same period of 2012. Specifically, the value of production and business reached 3,246 billion VND (69% of year plan); Revenue reached 2.690 billion VND (76% of year plan); budget delivery reached 71 % of year plan. Values of bidding winning and new contracts were 1,710 billion VND. The big and key projects ensure the progress, quality and labor safety. Completion of charter capital determination, equitization plans for submission to Construction Ministry for assessment and Government for approval. Local Defense work has made good implementation.

Good performance of Party building: Good organization of Conferences on implementing the conclusions, resolutions of Party Central Committee, Hai Phong’s Party Committee; Review Implementation in accordance with the spirit of the Central Resolution 4 (term XI) for collectives and individuals of dependent Companies’ Party Committees; Focusing on Party development and foster political argument for Party members; Good leadership and organizations for employees to have better life, culture and sports tournament; Participating in social charity; Launching the implementation of labor emulation movement for celebration of 55-year traditional anniversary of Bach Dang Construction Corporation.

Concluding the Conference, Party Secretary of the Corporation emphasized: The Corporation as well as member Companies must focus on tasks for striving to complete production and business plans in the fourth quarter; implementation of directives, resolutions of the Party Central Committee and Hai Phong’s Party Committee for all leaders and Party members; Boosting the development of party members; Guiding member Companies to make good performance of labor emulation movement, participating in social charity; strengthen the cadre nomination, striving to complete the tasks in 2013.

Participants of  the Conference

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