Phuc Son Clean Industrial Zone

Detailed planning of the project

Location of the project:
– The Western is adjacent to the residential area and belt road routine of Vom Bridge – Ninh Phuc;
– The Southern is adjacent to the dyke of Vac river;
– The Northern is adjacent to Ninh Phuc residential area;

Photographs of project perspective

The project of construction of  Phuc Son clean industrial zone and worker’ dormitory, commercial houses awarded to TMC Investment, Construction Joint Stock Company (Bach Dang Construction Corporation) by Ninh Binh Province People’s Committee as the Decision No. 1312/QĐ – UBND dated  November 3rd 2009.

Located on main road 40 meters long running connection with National Highway 1A in Ninh Binh city center, parallel to the expressway Ha Noi – Ninh Binh under construction, the project was formed by the rapid development of economy and international integration and requirements of the offices, the worker’s dormitory with the hygiene standards have a severe shortage of both quantity and quality volume. It is as yet have any industrial environment requirements and conditions for accommodation, living for workers. So the project ” Phuc Son Clean industrial zone and worker’s dormitory, commercial houses” in Ninh Son Ward, Ninh Phuc commune, Ninh Binh City is in line with development needs of Ninh Binh province, offers many benefits and social and economic efficiency.

The project is designed to open space, green – clean – nice, there are many green parks, amusement parks, schools, which spent about 25ha for worker’s dormitory, commercial houses and 118ha of land to infrastructure connection points for electricity, water service to each lot of land for factories, trading companies, commodity production.

TMC Investment, Construction Joint Stock Company is completing the procedures to expeditiously conduct clearance, leveling, construction of infrastructure. Works will be started in November 2010 and proposed  to complete in November 2013.

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