Preliminary report of assignment in early 9 months of 2008

After thespeaking of President of BOM, Mr. Nguyen Tien Thanh – General Director haspreliminary report the result of product and business in early 9 months of 2008.According to the report, the value of product and business achieved VND 2.405,323billion equal to 79% year plan, an increased of 31% compared to the sameperiod  last year; Total turnoverachieved VND 1.663,691 billion equal to 78% year plan, an increased of 29%compared to the same period  last year;Payment for national budget achieved VND 45,480 billion equal to 69% year plan,an increased of 11% compared to the same period last year; Take back capital achieved VND 1.147,584 billion equal to 79%year plan, an increased of 33% compared to the same period  last year;

Total amount ofContract signed in 2008 ( transition + new sign): VND 2.865,248 billion inwhich Corporation signed VND 1.397,382 billion and Subsidiaries company signedVND 1.467,866 billon.

To implement theassignment in forth quarter of 2008, the leader of subsidiary companies,persons who take responsibility for share capital of Corporation need toendeavor to complete assignments and complete year plan comply with the directof Ministry of Construction.

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