Signing Ceremony of General Contractor Contract on construction of Quang Trach Thermal Power Plant 1 Project

The General Contractor Contract on detailed design and General Contractor Contract on procurement, construction and commissioning” of the EPC package project – Quang Trach Thermal Power Plant – a value of more than 1.2 billion invested by Employer – Vietnam Oil and Gas Group and the two contractors: Petrovietnam Engineering (PVE) and Petrovietnam Company (PVC) were signed on 07, July in Hanoi.

Attending the ceremony were Mr. Le Duong Quang – Vice Minister of Trade and Industry; Mr. Dinh La Thang – Member of the Party Central Committee, Chairman of Member Council of Vietnam Oil And Gas Group, Mr. Luong Ngoc Binh – Party Secretary of Quang Binh province together with the leaders of Petrovietnam Company (PVC), Petrovietnam Engineering (PVE) and some leaders of member Corporations and foreign partners.

Mr Nguyen Quoc Khanh – deputy general director of PVN said that with the consent of the Prime Minister to allow application of the appointment package EPC for Quang Trach Thermal Power Plant 1 project, Vietnam Oil and Gas Group has selected Petrovietnam (PVE) to be a general contractor on “detailed design” and Petrovietnam Company (PVC) as the general contractor on “procurement, construction, and commissioning” to perform package EPC for construction of Quang Trach Thermal Power Plant 1.

The Project of Quang Trach Thermal Power Plant has a scale capacity of 1200 MW belonging to Quang Trach Power Center. It is going to be built on an area of 199.3 hectares and 100 hectares on the shores of the sea in Quang Dong commune, Quang Trach district, Quang Binh Province. It’s about 80km in the north from the center of Dong Hoi city. This is the key and urgent project in planning of electricity development for 2006-2015, and 2025 was reviewed (Power Planning VI) was approved by Prime Minister.

Pulverized coal-fired boiler technology, supercritical parameters are used for the Plant, high efficiency, ensure emission conditions complying with Vietnam  and the current international standards, environmental friendliness, use of imported coal imported from Indonesia and Australia. After completion and commissioning, the Plant will annually supply the national grid about 8.4 billion kWh. The package EPC – Quang Trach Thermal power Plant 1 is under taken by PVC including procurement, construction, commissioning, and handover with total value of more than 1, 2 billion USD.

It is expected that the construction ceremony of Quang Trach Thermal Power Plant will be held on 19, July, 2011; generator No. 1 will generate power in July, 2015 and generator No. 2 will generate power in September, 2015. The Plant put into operation will contribute significantly to the aim of ensuring national energy security in the future.

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