Summary Conference of Business and Production activities in the year of 2010, perform tasks of 2011

Mr Tran Van Son – Commissioner of PartyExecutives – Vice Minister of Construction Ministry made speeches in Ha Noi.

The Conference was attended and directed byMr Tran Van Son – Commissioner of Party Executives – Vice Minister ofConstruction Ministry; Labor Hero Nguyen Van Binh – Commissioner of GeneralConfederation of Labor, Vietnam – member of the Party – Chairman of Viet NamConstruction Trade Union; Mr Nguyen Manh Tuan – Chairman of Hai Phong LaborTrade Union; Mr Nguyen Thanh Minh – Vice Chairman of Member Council – Housingand Urban Development Holdings.

Attending the Conference were Mr Nguyen HuyHoan – Council member of Housing and Urban Development Holdings – PartySecretary – Chairman of Management Board of the Corporation; Mr Pham Tien Hung –General Director of the Corporation; Mr Doan Nc Anh – Commissioner of VietNam Construction Trade Union’s Executives – Chairman of the Corporation’s TradeUnion; All the members of the Party and Management Board, Vice Directors, ViceChairman of Trade Union, members of the Executives, Inspection Board of TradeUnion; Secretary of Youth Union, deputy head and Head of Party Department;deputy head and Head of all Departments of the Corporation, Project ManagementUnit and Executives; Directors and vice Directors, Chairmen of Trade Unions,Secretaries of Youth Unions, Head of Planning Departments and Head ofAccounting Departments of other member Companies. There was also the presenceof Television reporters, Hai Phong newspaper, and Construction newspaper forinformation giving.

Delegates attending the Conference

On behalf of the Corporation’s ManagementBoard, Mr Pham Tien Hung – General Director made presentation of the summaryreport of business and production activities of 2010 – perform tasks of 2010. Accordingly,the result of the Corporation’s business and production activities of 2010 hasreached the proposed plans and its growth is more than that of 2009 such as: Businessand production value: 3.823 billion VND – reached 101% of year plan which hasincreased 12% compared to 2009; turnover: 2.591 billion VND reached 101% ofyear plan which has increased 11% compared to 2009; budget delivery: 95 billionVND – reached 102% of year plan which has increased 11% compared to 2009 95billion  profit before tax: 43 billionVND; average income: 3, 2 million VND per head/month –  reached 100% of year plan which has increased19% compared to 2009. The business and production activities of the Corporationhave achieved significant growth for 5 years (2006-2010). The business andproduction value of the following year is always higher than the previous one,and the average growth speed is 13%.

Mr Pham Tien Hung – General Director of theCorporation

In order to perform the business andproduction activities of 2011, the key task of the Corporation is construction;tight cooperation with all other Companies of the Holdings should beimplemented. The Corporation will push up its investment in urban projects withstrong brand of the Holdings. Housing and urban development and industrialproduction share are more increasing. The equity’s accumulation of theCorporation should be increased for the Corporation’s sustainable growth. Accordingly,plan target of business production of 2011 as follows: business productionvalue: 4.310 billion VND, increased 13% compared to 2010; turnover: 2.930billion VND, increased 13% compared to 2010; budget delivery: 110 billion VND,increased 16% compared to 2010; investment value: 385 billion VND; profitbefore tax: 103 billion VND; average income: 4 million VND/ head/month.

Mr Doan Nc Anh – Commissioner of Viet NamConstruction Trade Union’s Executives – Chairman of the Corporation’s TradeUnion – vice Chairman of the Corporation’s Emulation and Reward Councilpresented the result of Union and emulation activitiesof 2011.

With the acknowledged efforts of Bach DangConstruction Corporation in business and production works and Union activitiesof 2010, distinguished collectives and individuals were awarded with titles,Labor Medals, Emulation Flags and Merits by the President, vernment, Ministryof Construction, Trade Union of Construction sector.

Mr Doan Nc Anh – Chairman of theCorporation’s Trade Union honorably received the third labor

Distinguished individuals honorably receivedthe Merits of the vernment

05 distinguished collectives of 2010honorably received the distinguished Emulation Flag

03 collectives with distinguished Trade Unionactivities of 2010 honorably received the Flag of Viet Nam Construction’s TradeUnion

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