Summary Conference of Production and Business Activities, Trade Union Activities of 2011, Task Performance for 2012.

Mr Tran Van Son – commissioner of Party Committee, Vice Minister of Construction Ministry made speeches

Mr Le Van Thanh – commissioner of Standing Party Committee, vice Chairman of Hai Phong people’s Committee made speeches.

The Conference was attended, instructed and watched by Mr Tran Van Son – Commissioner of Party Committee, Vice Minister of Construction Ministry, Mr Le Van Thanh – member of Standing Party Committee, vice Chairman of Hai Phong people’s Committee, Labor hero – Mr Nguyen Van Binh – member of Party Executive Committee of Vietnam General Confederation of Labor – member of Party Committee of Construction Ministry, Chairman of Viet Nam Construction Trade Union; Mr Nguyen Manh Tuan – Chairman of Hai Phong General Confederation of Labor; Mr Nguyen Thanh Minh – vice Chairman of Member Council of Housing and Urban Development Holdings; Mr Nghiem Van Bang – General director of  Housing and Urban development Holdings.

Mr Nguyen Huy Hoan – Council Member of Housing and Urban development Holdings – Party Secretary – Chairman of Management Board of the Corporation; Mr Pham Tien Hung- General Director of the Corporation; Mr Doan Nc Anh – member of Executive Committee of Viet Nam Construction trade Union – trade Union Chairman, commissioners of Party Committee, members of the Corporation’s Council; comptrollers, vice directors, vice Chairman of trade union, members of Executive Committee, Inspection Committee of trade union, Youth secretary, Chief and vice chief of Party office, heads and deputy heads of all departments, Project Management Board, Party secretaries, Chairmen of Management Boards, directors, headmaster, vice directors, Chairman of trade union, Youth secretary, chief accountants of member Companies. The news was informed by reporters from television station and Construction newspaper

On behalf of the leaders of the Corporation, Mr Pham Tien Hung – general director presented review report on production and business tasks in 2011, implementation of tasks for 2012. Accordingly, although the general difficulties of the economy particularly have high influence on the construction sector, with collective efforts of the leadership staff of the Corporation, the production and business tasks of 2011 has successfully completed, specifically is: production and business value of 4316 billion, reaching 100% of the plan year, up 13% compared to 2010, revenue of 2961 billion, reaching 101% of the plan year, up 14% compared to 2010; capital recovery of 3030 billion, reaching 120% of the plan year, up 36% compared to 2010; budget delivery of 110 billion, 100% of the plan year, up 17% compared to 2010, pre-tax profit of 82 billion, reaching 100 % of the plan year, up 38% compared to 2010; average income is 4.0 million VND / person / month, reaching 100% of the plan year, up 25 compared to 2010.

Mr Pham Tien Hung – General director made presentation review report on production and business tasks at the Conference

Implementation of production and business plan in 2012, although in the context of world economic forecasts are much more complicated, potentially more risky, with the determination of the collective leadership, staff and the results achieved in 2011, the Corporation plans to set als in 2012 with a growth rate compared to 2011 is 13%. Specifically as follows: production and business value is 4622 billion, up 7% compared to 2011, turnover of 3360 billion, up 13% compared with 2011; budget delivery of 125 billion, up 13% compared to 2011; investment value of 605 billion VND; Pre-tax profit of 90 billion VND, average income of 5 million VND / person / month.

In order to get oriented plans and als, the Corporation continues to focus on promoting the construction work and investment, fulfilling the key projects on schedule, quality and absolute safety; Equitization completion of the parent company according to the direction of the vernment, Ministry of Construction and Group.

Mr Doan Nc Anh – commissioner of Vietnam Construction Trade Union, Trade Union Chairman, vice chairman of Corporation’s emulation Council, presented the summarizing report on the work of trade unions.

Regarding the work of trade union in 2011: Recognizing the efforts of Bach Dang Construction Corporation in the business and trade union activities in 2011, the titles, labor Medals, flags and Certificates of Merit have been granted to the collectives and individuals with outstanding achievement of 2011 by the President, vernment, Ministry of Construction, Viet Nam Construction Trade Union, and Hai Phong People’s Committee.

Mr Tran Van Son is authorized by the President awarded the Labor Medal First Class for 01 team and Labor Medal Third Class for 02 individuals of  the Corporation

Mr Nguyen Huy Hoan – Chairman of  Member Council  honored to receive the title of National Emulation Fighter

 Outstanding individuals honored to receive the merit of the Prime Minister

03 collectives honored to receive the flag for outstanding trade union activities in 2011

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