The Housing and Urban Development Holdings held the Summary Conference of business and production tasks of 2010 and made presentation of oriented tasks of business and production of 2011

Mr Nguyen HongQuan – Minister of Construction Ministry; Mr Pham Viet Mon – vice Head ofvernment office – vice Head of Innovation Instruction and BusinessDevelopment Department; Nguyen Tran Nam – Deputy Minister; representatives ofsome Ministries, Departments, Central sectors and Ha Noi City; reporters fromlocal and central newspapers. Mr Nguyen Hiep – Party Secretary- Chairman of theHoldings; Mr Nguyen Thanh Minh – Vice Chairman of the Holdings, Mr Nguyen DangNam – General Director of the Holdings; several members of the Party and MemberCouncil, Board of Directors of the Holdings; Chairmen of Member Council,General Director, vice Directors of member Companies; representatives of staffsand workers of the Holdings.

Mr Nguyen HongQuan – Minister of Construction Ministry 

Mr Nguyen Hiep – PartySecretary, Chairman of the Holdings

Mr Nguyen Hiep – PartySecretary, Chairman of the Holdings made presentation of the summary report onbusiness and production activities of 2011. According to his report, with itsspecific organizational models and activities after 9 months, Member Councildeveloped and completed a great deal of important activities with itsfunctional tasks to create legislative basis for development orientation of theHoldings and member Companies. Overcoming difficulties, challenges, and performingas directed by the vernment, and the Party Executives of Construction sectorof 2010, all the business and production plans of 2010 were successfullycompleted reaching the target and it was much higher than that of 2009 such as:total business and production value: 34.218 billion VND (increased 20% comparedto 2009); total investment value: 13.165 billion VND (increased 67.5% comparedto 2009); total gross floor: 959.272 m2 (increased 42 % compared to 2009);turnover: 31.125 billion VND (increased 21% compared to 2009); State budgetdelivery: 2.370 billion VND (increased 40 % compared to 2009); profit beforetax:2.058 billion VND (increased 28 % compared to 2009); import and exportvalue: 51.3 million USD. 2011 is the first year when socio economic developmentstrategy of 2011 – 2020 is carried out with steady and rapid growth to create abasis for development of our country and becoming a modern and industrialcountry until 2020 under the Resolution of the national Party Congress. Inrespect of business and investment in property, the demand for house and landis highly increasing with the development and fast urbanization of our country.Construction investment and property business policies are gradually completed.General plan of Ha Noi Capital is completed and approved which will facilitatethe suitable planned projects to be continued to develop. However, the housingand urban development is fiercely competitive. The property market is complexlydeveloped; bid method and bid delivery is not completed. Therefore, plan of 2011is made by Housing and Urban development Holdings with the following criterion:Total investment value: 17.623 billion VND (increased 35% compared to 2010),total business and production value: 41.383 billion VND (increased 21% comparedto 2010), turnover: 36.326 billion VND (increased 16% compared to 2010), profit:2.462 billion VND (increased 20% compared to 2010), State budget delivery: 2.944billion VND (increased 24% compared to 2010), total gross floor for housing completed:1,5 million m2; import export value: 197 million USD, increased 3,8 times… Although,our country is still in difficult socioeconomic circumstance, all the resultsof successful business and production were achieved by Housing and UrbanDevelopment Holdings after one year which brings happiness, excitement andtrust to all the staff members of the Holdings and it is an important premisefor the Holdings to create its development strategy orientation for the comingyears.

All the businessand production results of parent Company – Holdings and its member Companieshave reached during 2010 were highly appreciated and praised by Mr Nguyen HongQuan – Minister of Construction Ministry. The Holding was proposed to promoteits result of 2010 and continue to coordinate with member Companies to takeadvantages of their strength for development tasks and make replication ofmodel new urban areas through out the country in order to create housing fundtaking part in regulating property market.

Presentations ofbusiness and production results of 2010 and the target of business andproduction tasks of 2011 of member Companies were made by General Directorsfrom Ha Noi Construction Corporation, Glass and Ceramic Corporation, Viet NamWater Supply Sewerage and Environment Construction Investment Corporation andBach Dang Construction Corporation…

Mr Nghiem Sy Minh– General Director of Ha Noi Construction Corporation

Mr Le Kha Manh – GeneralDirector of Viet NamWater Supply Sewerage and Environment Construction Investment Corporation

Mr Nguyen AnhTuan – General Director of Viglacera Corporation

Mr Pham Tien Hung- General Director of Bach Dang Construction Corporation

At theConference, The Decisions were also declared and emulation titles ofvernment, Construction Ministry, General Confederation of Labor of Vietnam,Viet Nam Trade Union Construction were awarded to distinguished collectives of 2010.

Mr Nguyen HongQuan – Minister of Construction Ministry awarded the emulation flags ofConstruction Ministry  to distinguishedcollectives of 2010

Mr  Nguyen Tran Nam – Vice Minister ofConstruction Ministry awarded the emulation flags of General Confederation ofLabor of Vietnam and Viet Nam Trade Union Construction to distinguishedcollectives of 2010

Before closingthe Conference, a launching ceremony was carried out to all collectives andindividuals of the Holdings for emulation and completion of targets andbusiness and production plans of 2011 by Mr Duong Van Phuc, vice Director,Chairman of Trade Union.

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