Trade Union Conference of Bach Dang Construction Corporatio

All the leadersof the Corporation and simultaneously they are official delegates who attendedand gave instructions for the Conference.

Mr Khuc Van Tinh –the Trade Union Chaiman of the Corporation made presentation at the Conference

The results ofthe Trade Union activities and movement of staff members belonging to TradeUnion Executive of the Corporation in the period of 2008 – 2010; Theorientation of Trade Union tasks in the period 2011 – 2013 were reported.

Mr Pham Tien Hung– General Director made speeches andgave instructions

Mr Doan Nc Anh –Trade Union Chairman of the Corporation made speeches and gave instructions

All the opinionsand instructions of the leaders of the Corporation, and all the speech reportsof the delegates attending the Conference gave additive opinions andperformance orientation for the coming period were presented, in which all theactivities of the Trade Union were effective in the past period, and they werehighly praised by Stand Union of the Corporation and many excellent collectivesand individuals of the Corporation were rewarded with flags and merits by HaiPhong Federation of Labor. The Trade Union of the Corporation did not onlyactively took part in management, execution but also in construction,modification, addition to management mechanism of parent Company and subsidiariesensuring for stable and steady development of the Corporation in the past time.

For performanceorientation, and targets of the Trade Union activities in the period (2011 – 2013):The Trade Union of the Corporation should innovate education propaganda;emulation movement among staff members shall be regularly held; taking care ofmaterial life, spirit, and protect legal and appropriate rights for staffmembers; multiplication of Union members, and try to make the Trade Union moresteady and stronger rewarding to become the leading flag of the Trade Union ofthe Corporation in all fields of activities and simultaneously all the staffmembers should be encouraged to fulfill all the tasks and contribute tobusiness and production activities  in 2011and the next years for preparation of equitization of the Corporation. TheTrade Union Executive and groups should be regularly strengthened ensuring tofulfill excellent tasks and remain the strong and steady title. Content andmethods of the Trade Union should be continuously innovated to suit to newmanagement model in each period of 2011 – 2013.

05 members werenominated in the Trade Union Executive of the Corporation in the period of 2011– 2013.

Leaders of theCorporation gave flowers to the Trade Union Executive in the period of 2011 – 2013

All the staffsand Union members of the Corporation were called upon to unite to improve theirabilities and make positive contribution to the development of the Corporation.

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