Trade Union of Bach Dang Construction Corporation Promoted the Role of the Trade Union Organization Representatives to Protect the Rights and Interests of Staff Members and Union Members

On 08 July, 2011, a Preliminary Conference on implementing Resolution of 10th Viet Nam Trade Union’s Conference, Resolution of 11th Viet Nam Construction Trade Union’s Conference, Resolution of 12th Hai Phong Trade Union’s Conference, and resolution of 23rd Trade Union’s Conference of the Corporation in the period 2008-2013, preliminary report of the first 6 months and perform tasks of last 6 months of 2011 was held at the Mid-Term.

Attending and directing the Conference included: Nguyen Van Binh – Hero
of Labor – member of Executive Committee of Viet Nam Labor General
Confederation commissioner of the Construction Party – President of Viet Nam
Construction Trade Union, representatives for Labor Federation of Hai Phong
City, Party secretaries, Chairman of Member Council, General Director, members
of Party Standing Committee of the Corporation, and nearly 80 delegates
included members of Executive Committee, Inspection Committee of the Corporation’s
Trade Union, vice chairmen and chairmen of 22 Trade Union of member Companies.

Mr Nguyen Van Binh – Chairman of Viet Nam Construction Trade Union
made speeches

Mr Pham Tien Hung – vice secretary of the Party – General Director

Mr Doan Ngoc Anh – Trade Union Chairman made presentation of Preliminary

All levels of Trade Union throughout the Corporation has launched many
movement for staff members for three years (2008-2010), especially in key
projects of the corporation such as: Construction of Vietnam Dung Quat Oil
Refinery, Vung Ang Thermal Power Plant, Complex Urban Area – CT4 –  Thach Ban – Ha Noi which has created
motivation in business and production. 16 of the key projects were registered to
compete by member companies, and all the targets and competitive standards were
over-fulfilled. Over 900 million VND were extracted from reward fund as rewards
for teams and individuals who have successfully completed the task in the
competition periods by the Corporation. In which 01 collective was rewarded
with first-class Labor Order, 01 individual received the title of National
Emulation Fighter, 01 individual was rewarded with second-class Labor Medal, 04
individuals were rewarded with third-class Labor Medal including the Trade
Union chairman of the Corporation, 29 collectives and individuals received the
merit Certificates from the Prime Minister, 10 excellent emulative flags and
hundreds of merit Certificates were granted to excellent collectives and
individuals for 3 years (2008 – 2010) by Ministry of Construction, Hai Phong
People’s Committee, Construction Trade Union of Viet Nam , Hai phong Trade
Union Federation.

Excellent collectives received certificates of merit of the Corporation’s
Trade Union

The staff members of the Corporation and member companies were encouraged
to have active implementation of social work and charity, which have helped the
families in trouble for 750 million VND, supported 250 million VND for pro-poor
funds, and funds for AO victims, 560 million VND for the victims of flood
disaster, supported 715 million VND for the staffs and local people, social
organization where construction in progress, and other supports, assisting 70
families to  renovate stable
accommodation after flooding, cyclone and damage. .More than 6,500 union
members and staffs were transmitted the propaganda and education in many forms
such as oral tradition through the contest and of the major national holidays
and events and activities of the Corporation. At the mid-term, the Trade Union
of different levels have introduced over 200 excellent Union members to the
Party, and 113 Union members were admitted Communist Party of Vietnam, the
ceremony of granting Party cards to 726 union members were held.

From now until the end of the term, the Trade Union of the Corporation
and  other member Companies put more
efforts in to the good surrogate role to protect the legitimate rights and
interests of workers, striving for 100% of member companies with good organization
of General Assembly Meeting of Shareholders and employees. The annual
Conference of staffs was held complying with Circle of 01/TTLT – Ministry of
Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs and Viet Nam General Confederation of

Striving for 100% of the member Companies responded well to the movements
of Ministry of Construction and Viet Nam Trade Union Construction. Trade Union
organization was held timely when a production organization was established.
500 Union members will be admitted to the Party to complete the criteria of
1200 union members of the term (2008-2013). Striving for 85% of maintaining
strong title in which 60% of Trade Union of member Companies and the
Corporation achieve excellent and strong titles.

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