Vocational training and skill development for workers working at member companies under Bach Dang Construction Corporation.

Hai Phong Technical Professional school under Bach Dang Construction Corporation with mission of training and retraining of workers with vocational qualifications and lower levels in the field of Construction.

Lecture Hall – Hai Phong Technical Professional school

Leaders of the Corporation consider the training to improve skills and qualifications of workers are necessary in the current period. Therefore Hai Phong Technical Professional school was assigned to coordinate with member Companies to survey for building appropriate training programs to ensure flexibility, conforming to regulations, training based on the tasks of business and production of each Company to meet the business and production requirements of the Corporation and society.

Theory lesson in the classroom

With an average number of new annual training and re-training workers, over 400 people, focusing on vocational training: Finished Masonry; Formwork – Scaffolding, Concrete, Reinforced Welding … so the school has supplied the human resources for the companies to ensure qualification requirements and job skills of construction workers in order to make contribution to meet demand of manpower with high-tech training to participate in key projects of the Corporation.

Some of  images at masonry workshops of the school:

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