Establishing Investment Joint Stock Company Van Loc

The factory was built on an area of 21 hectares in Huong Van commune, Huong Tra district, Thua Thien Hue province. Plant capacity reached 1200 tons of clinker / day for a total investment of nearly 700 billion.



1. Name of Project: Nagarjuna Cement Plant II
2. Investor: Investment Joint Stock Company Van Loc
Address: Huong Van, Huong Tra District, Thua Thien Hue
Phone: 84-54. 568 298 Fax: 84-31. 568 298
3. Location of project: Huong Van commune, Huong Tra district, Thua Thien Hue Province
4. Construction area: 21 ha
5. The capacity of the factory: 1200 tonnes clinker / day


1. Technology for the plant

Cement production technology of choice for cement plant technology Nagarjuna is dry method with a rotary kiln system with preheater includes 1 branch, 5 floors cyclone, with decomposition chamber (calciner) complete combustion full (100%) with low volatile coal dust, technological devices, automatic control systems and measurement examination at advanced level, enabling expanded use of raw materials in a wide range, weather energy efficient, creating products with high quality and stability, on the other hand ensuring safety during production, industrial hygiene and environmental protection.

2. Typical production lines of the factory

Technological lines of Nagarjuna Cement plants are equipped with advanced equipment, synchronization from the first stage of processing of materials to final stages of cement production, including:
– Receipt of raw materials more completely mechanized.
– The materials and fuels such as limestone, clay and additives are crushed to cost the appropriate particle size and uniformity are preliminary in the repository to ensure consistent quality.
– Based on the physical properties of materials, crushing equipment is selected vertical roller mill for fine grinding and drying batching requirements ensure smoothness and moisture of raw powder production technology in accordance with the method dry.
– Choose raw powder homogeneous system styled continuous charging and removing the high performance of a heterogeneous silos.
– Baked in a rotary kiln clinker done with preheater 5 floors with decomposition chamber (calciner), use 100% low-volatile anthracite coal combustion chamber to decompose and clinker kilns.
– Out of the rotary kiln clinker is cooled by air conditioning logging type 3 level, ensuring the temperature clinker cooler out of the 650C above ambient temperature and size ≤ 25 mm.
– The plant’s production is performed with automated systems and centralized control in the central control room. A program for production optimization are applied to control the entire operations of the plant and the timely adjustment of the device operation when changing process parameters.


– Clinker production standard Portland cement PCB 40
– The quality of cement: according to current standards of Vietnam

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