Fodder factory in Hai Duong ANT1

Most of Vietnam’s market for imported commodities 1/2010 increased over the same period in 2009. In the United States market is mainly Vietnam imported goods with a turnover for the month was 26 , $ 95 million, representing 9.8% of the total turnover of Vietnam imports from the US market and increased more than 8 times (ie increased 865.49%) compared to the same period in sows. In second place is the Chinese market, turnover in March reached 11.77 million, up more than 2 times (ie increased 265.10%) than 1/2009.


Especially the Canadian market, but ranked third in market commodity exports of animal feed and raw materials to Vietnam in May, turnover of 3.93 million, but compared to 1/2009 , then Canada has the highest growth rate compared with other markets (up to 11458.71%). An explanation of the causes spike in 1/2009 1/2010 compared, according to the importers of this item as the Ministry of Finance increased the import duty of feed material from the date of 1/1 / 2010, the rate increased …
Supplications, in January of market turnover decreased compared to the same period in 2009 decreased 28.74% as Singapore; Indonesia decreased 55.12%; India fell 99.28%; Chile fell 67.39%; Japan fell 69.80%.

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